Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Well i'm trying my best to save money.  It isn't easy with school wanting money for this that and the other.  I have most of the money ready for this months overpayment the first overpayment of many.

This month i've managed to finish all xmas shopping and come in under budget by £90 anything i have bought has been at lowest price and i've been paid to shop through cashback sites.

These are the links to the sites i use and i thoroughly recommend.


 On the different side of life my eldest daughter has had her artwork chosen out of a class of 30 to be put into the school calender again.  I'm very proud.  Princess hs been a budding artist sice being 20 months old and could draw recognizable faces with deails.  I love her vision.  In the calendar she had June and drew a pic of her and her 2 sisters playing outside.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

saving and making money

Hiya today i've spent most of my life on buses (free bus pass) taking two of my girls to podiatry accross town.  We stopped in town for a bit and did some quidco check ins so far in the last few days i've managed to make £8.00 through checkins and cashback website. It's not a huge amount but hey it all goes towards.

I rang the mortgage people to find out how much i can overpay to wack off my mortgage without incurring penalty and my current aim is now to wack off £250 a month until july and then £300 a month thereafter (i will no longer have to fork out nursery fees so will pay the extra to the mortgage).

My other money saving measures are including no more takeaways as we are begining to waste so much money and what was once a treat began to feel like a god given right.  It's embarrassing to say what we were spending on them.

Im reading a few books at moment (library of course)  one called waste, one about consuming and the other about living on the things people throw away.  All really insightful and definately food for thought.

Finally after watching the news regarding the flooding and the battering this poor country is taking at the moment, my heart goes out to all those affected by the floods, the damage must be immense.  It makes me realise how lucky i am because although it floods in asda were further up the hill and tend to be ok.

Friday, 23 November 2012

It's cold outside

Today it is so cold outside have just got back in from the school and nursery run and my toes are frozen.  Thick thermal socks are now on.  The house is warm as yesturdays school run was a thoroughly wet affair requiring heating on when we got home to dry out shoes, coats and the river under the pushchair in the shopping basket.  My two youngest daughters Peaches and Pixie were freezing and struggling to get warm so were wrapped up in blankets with hot water bottles and a warm yummy dinner, bless em.

Give me cold over wet anyday, my house is warm from last nights heating the clothes are dry from yesturday waiting to be folded and todays wash can go on the line outside.  I'm currently having a dryer ban as my electricity bill has been put up, i'm consciously watching my gas consumption also and trying to find ways of lowering the bills.

I often wonder how others are coping with the price hikes in gas and electric again and if they are feeling the pinch also?  whether anybody else is wrapping up instead of flicking a switch?  I'm full of a cold today and find the wet makes it worse so as it's not wet i'm off to make the most of my morning and once again housework calls.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

in the begining

Dh and i got together age 16. We stayed together through school, college, university and whilst working in sometimes awful jobs (him in a slaughter house me in a freezing cold veg factory) we managed to save money to put a deposit down on our first home. 

Whilst i was at university i had three jobs plus studid a full time course in community studies alot of my friends on my course where mature students and nobody had any money.

In 2004 me and dh got married and bought a three bed terraced house in lancashire.  It was a dooer upper and since then we have gutted it room by room to bring it up to speed.

In the last 8 years we have had
*full rewire
*brand new central heating throughout and a new boiler
*double glazed windows
*a fitted kitchen (back to the brick, with no kitchen for 8 weeks and two lil uns under 2)
*decorated living room, hall stairs and landing, both kids rooms and recently the porch (dusty bricks for 2 years) and now the toy room. All had new carpets.
* pointing on chimneys and new fire

Next things i need doing are the bathroom, i'm having it tiled as it gets mouldy and tiles as they are easy to clean and my bedroom. (always last lol)

Each time we have saved up and had these things done and we pay with cash.

when i graduated i first worked in a bank and i saw how much people were in debt, sometimes to the point where they couldnt understand why or how to get out of it.  Because of this i've been to scared to have a credit card or buy now pay in so many months.

We live a frugal life dh works full time and i'm a full time mum we work as a team, we run one car which dh needs for work and i don't drive so either get a bus (free bus pass) or walk.

We have three children who love nothing more than each others company and love to play games together.

I love to make things i knit and crochet, cook, bake and make jewellery.  My elder daughters also make things too.

a buying day today tut tut

I'm currently turning my unused dining room into a play room for my three children.  I had to gut this room and its the first time we've been able to decorate it since we moved in 8 years ago.  I've gone mad and paid to have it decorated by somebody else as not good with heights and the room seems huge.  I'm having my carpet delivered next week yay and today i have bought curtains and a tv bracket plus ordered a sofabed.  i'm really pleased i have finished all buying for this room now and have come in under budget of £50.

i also went shopping to Asda for the first time in weeks, i usually go to Aldi and was really shocked at how much prices have gone up in that shop.  My weekly shop was nearly double what i usually pay.  It was also really quiet in there at this time of year it's usually heaving.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

first post

Exciting times, after reading many a fantastic blog i feel inspired to start my own.  This will track my journey of frugality to become mortgage free by the time im 40.  Along with my in this journey are my husband and my three daughters, princess, peaches and pixie plus gomez the cat.