Friday, 23 November 2012

It's cold outside

Today it is so cold outside have just got back in from the school and nursery run and my toes are frozen.  Thick thermal socks are now on.  The house is warm as yesturdays school run was a thoroughly wet affair requiring heating on when we got home to dry out shoes, coats and the river under the pushchair in the shopping basket.  My two youngest daughters Peaches and Pixie were freezing and struggling to get warm so were wrapped up in blankets with hot water bottles and a warm yummy dinner, bless em.

Give me cold over wet anyday, my house is warm from last nights heating the clothes are dry from yesturday waiting to be folded and todays wash can go on the line outside.  I'm currently having a dryer ban as my electricity bill has been put up, i'm consciously watching my gas consumption also and trying to find ways of lowering the bills.

I often wonder how others are coping with the price hikes in gas and electric again and if they are feeling the pinch also?  whether anybody else is wrapping up instead of flicking a switch?  I'm full of a cold today and find the wet makes it worse so as it's not wet i'm off to make the most of my morning and once again housework calls.