Tuesday, 27 November 2012

saving and making money

Hiya today i've spent most of my life on buses (free bus pass) taking two of my girls to podiatry accross town.  We stopped in town for a bit and did some quidco check ins so far in the last few days i've managed to make £8.00 through checkins and cashback website. It's not a huge amount but hey it all goes towards.

I rang the mortgage people to find out how much i can overpay to wack off my mortgage without incurring penalty and my current aim is now to wack off £250 a month until july and then £300 a month thereafter (i will no longer have to fork out nursery fees so will pay the extra to the mortgage).

My other money saving measures are including no more takeaways as we are begining to waste so much money and what was once a treat began to feel like a god given right.  It's embarrassing to say what we were spending on them.

Im reading a few books at moment (library of course)  one called waste, one about consuming and the other about living on the things people throw away.  All really insightful and definately food for thought.

Finally after watching the news regarding the flooding and the battering this poor country is taking at the moment, my heart goes out to all those affected by the floods, the damage must be immense.  It makes me realise how lucky i am because although it floods in asda were further up the hill and tend to be ok.