Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Well i'm trying my best to save money.  It isn't easy with school wanting money for this that and the other.  I have most of the money ready for this months overpayment the first overpayment of many.

This month i've managed to finish all xmas shopping and come in under budget by £90 anything i have bought has been at lowest price and i've been paid to shop through cashback sites.

These are the links to the sites i use and i thoroughly recommend.


 On the different side of life my eldest daughter has had her artwork chosen out of a class of 30 to be put into the school calender again.  I'm very proud.  Princess hs been a budding artist sice being 20 months old and could draw recognizable faces with deails.  I love her vision.  In the calendar she had June and drew a pic of her and her 2 sisters playing outside.