Thursday, 26 December 2013

Boxing day sales

Hiya  I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas.  Today it is Boxing day and the sales begin.

Check out my shop Buy Today, Posted Tomorrow and a Coupon Code enter XMAS01 for 10% off a minimum order of £10.

Come join me at

See ya

Love Dawn x

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

A merry christmas one and all

Hello lovely readers,

I do hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and that father Christmas brings you everything on your list.  I have been a little snowed under to blog recently so expect blogs and pics galore after Christmas why I try to catch up with you on everything we have been doing.

I really feel for all those who have experienced floods yesterday in the south and have had their Christmas ruined, I hope they manage to find somewhere warm and dry to spend the festive season whilst they sort out the mess.

In this house we have had three hyper active but happy children, who have tracked Santa and played Christmas games.  The stockings are hung up in anticipation of treats left in them over night and an offering of cherry brandy, posh chocky biscuits for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph.

I wish you all a happy Christmas!

love Dawn and family x

Monday, 9 December 2013

Birthday weekend and nativity part one

 This weekend has seen a birthday, mine I hit 32 on Sunday I had a fabulous birthday weekend, with cards, pressies, a yummy birthday cake made by my lovely mum and a night on the tiles.

 Chocolates for the birthday girl, mmmm yum!

A box of festive bath bombs from Lush, pure bliss and I also got some money to go out and treat myself I have no idea what to buy as I don't really tend to spend much on me so saving it up till I have an idea.

I have also been making this beautiful scarf for Princess in ribbon wool it is so soft and snuggly it's as soft as a baby rabbit.  Princess loves it and Peaches and Pixie want one too!

This week Peaches did her nativity play at school, she totally rocked the part of towns person in her curtain couture, I loved watching her do her play brings tears to you eyes. (coz I'm a big softy)

Here she is my lovely towns person, she smiled all the way through.  Pixie has her nativity play next week so I've re stocked on tissues lol.
I have one other thing to share with you but it needs a post of it's own as it's a bit epic.

See ya soon
Dawn x

Monday, 2 December 2013

Christmas Shopping and Quidco earn as you shop


It's December Christmas is nearly on it's way, the advent calenders have been cracked open, the Christmas lists have been sent off to Father Christmas.  It's a flat spin of Christmas parties and nativity plays here for the next few weeks.

I have already completed ALL of my Christmas shopping and wrapped half of it (feeling rather smug here lol) I hate wrapping it has to be said it is the worst job.  The shopping bit was rather easy.

I shopped mainly online as our shopping centre is beyond naff if I am honest.  The crowning glory was an email I recieved of Quidco this morning saying I had a payment of £125 waiting in my bank account, and this money is for absolutley No work whatsoever, tax free and all mine.

I shop all my online purchases through Quidco and the I got paid cashback when it clears.  I urge you all to try it especially on big purchases and Christmas shopping.

The link is here  go forth and earn as you shop.  Think of the money hitting your account in the new year when your skint.

I am still waiting on another £50 that is currently clearing excited just doesn't come close to the feelings you get opening that email.

Now where did I put my christmas cards?

Dawn x

8th birthday party

On  Sunday we had an early birthday party for Princess who turns 8 two days after christmas.  I did her a jewellery party.  Unfortunatley I can only show you the pictures of my children having fun here as I didn't ask parental permission to post.
 A few of the items made, we like bright and colourful.

 I made everyone a kitch bagcharm to take home in their party bag.

A picture of me and the birthday girl.  We had so much fun I totally forgot to take a picture of the cake, you'll have to take my word for it when I tell you it was delicious.

Ah well it is my birthday next Sunday and I'm way to young to have an 8 year old lol.

Have fun

Dawn x

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Reasons to be happy

Not everyone is a fan of winter I am one of those that long for sunshine and lighter days.  I keep myself busy with creating.  I have made this scarf for my shop. I have also made a bright rainbowesque rainbow cardigan.

Rainbow cardigan.

A little artist in the family is enough to make anybody smile, as you find her artwork everywhere you go.  Even my bowl of pine cones (collected on holiday, housed in a bowl I made myself at a pottery class) arn't safe from her artistic eye. 

There is always rock music on Kerrang radio and a good dance round the kitchen.  I love this DAB radio we bought it for holiday as the car radio doesn't work so we use this instead.

 The odd crafting and making session, my poor old kitchen table again lol.

 New warm winter pj's.

A lush order, beautiful smells that remind you of summer and the christmas box of bathbombs is a birthday present for me for next week.  I shall be 21 again lol.

Do you love or hate winter?  If you hate it what gets you through?

See ya soon

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Sunday! lie in? Dream on !!!!!

Well hello,

It is freezing here today my front room from which I blog from is always like an ice box even in the height of summer, however the rest of the house seems to have retained some of last nights heating in so I haven't needed it this morning yet.  I shudder to even check the electric bill after having to have a week of the washer and dryer on more or less non stop with ill little peeps who I am happy to report are back to their normal selves.

This morning the alarm went off at 6am for J who is working all weekend (booo) and I thought we were doing really well and I may even get a lie in as nobody stared, 2 mins later in bobbed Peaches woke Pixie up and that was that.

Today consists of lots of tea (for me) and knitting project (I cannot reveal this at the moment sorry).  Catching up on blog reading, I have got the meat out to defrost for our lovely warming stew I am making for tonights tea.  We plan to make pretties this afternoon me and my little ladies from some kits my good friend Mrs Geekcycled got them for their birthday (Pictures to follow of course).  Before we know where we are at it'll be teatime, bathtime and bedtime.

At the moment I do not seem to have enough hours in my day, this could possibly be the reason why I am constantly waking up in the night unable to sleep and absolutley shattered all day long and fit to drop by 7pm.

I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend.  I'm off to sort out the uniforms ready for tomorrow morning.  I wash all uniform and butty bags on a Friday night, they then have 2 nights to dry on airers and I can get the uniforms sorted and put away Sunday (no last minute bung it in the very costly drier here).

Dawn x

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Sunshine after the storm

Well hello there,

I have much sunnier post for you today (I do hate to be doom and gloom) I thought I would share with you my day.

School run (Nice to get out in the fresh air), followed by a chat to the parents at the bust stop (were regulars so you get chatting), home to a nice cup of tea and a bit of tidying and hoovering in peace and quiet.  A good old half hr of bliss doing my yoga dvd followed by lunch.

In the afternoon I help out at school, they are learning to play the clarinet and as I can play I take mine along too and join in, followed by sewing (talk about in my element) before I knew where I was it was three o'clock and time to pick up Pixie from nursery.

I love helping out at school and working with the kids but anything creative too were talking happiness overload.  The kids are really sweet and come over to chat and tell you things.

An epic day for me, just what I needed after a naff couple of weeks lets hope were set to continue with the happiness and fun times now.

Hope you are well

Dawn x

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

All pretty drab really but counting my blessings

Hiya peeps,

Did you see the carbolic sheets at the window?  I just ger Princess back to healthy and now Pixie has started off with the sickness bug.  I am unbelievably tired but I am counting my blessings as my blood results came back normal, which is a huge relief and one less thing to worry about (I can be a queen of worry at times).  All the bad things are getting me down at the moment, but hopefully I shall be able to blog about happy times soon.  In the meantime you'll find me praying to anyone listening for everyone to get well soon in this house and that please can I avoid it.

See ya soon

Dawn x

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Weekend tales

Well hello lovely peeps,

How are you?  I'm ok this weekend has seen a few ups and downs.  On Saturday me and my eldest daughter Princess went to get the beads and bits and bobs we needed ready for her jewellery party shes having for her birthday.  She was born on the 27th December so as Christmas will be upon us we are holding her party on the 1st instead.  Being a mini hippy she has chosen the brightest rainbow colours, rabbits and butterflys plus cupcakes and ice creams galore for her jewellery.  I'm making her a full on chocolate overload cake as has been requested.  I cannot believe she is going to be eight this year, talk about making me feel old.  I shall post pics up of the jewellery that the kids make.

Saturday afternoon saw a visit from my oldest and most fabulous friend Jen(mrs geekcycled) we had a good old catch up and have plans to go to Liverpool for a good old mooch for all things vintage very soon.

Unfortunatley today Princess seems to have been struck with a dreaded back to school tummy bug (yak) this has got to be my worst part of parenting.  I hate seeing my child ill and knowing I have done everything possible to make her better but all I can do is ride out the bad bits with her.  It kills me seeing them like this, give me the loud, playing, laughing, running around, bickering with siblings over a pencil child ANY day!  Needless to say she won't be in school tomorrow.  I just hope nobody else gets it (Peaches had it when they went back in September).

On a plus point to my day Little Peaches who makes me laugh and smile filled my heart with happiness before when she read a book off her bookcase for me, she really is getting it now and I love seeing her confidence grow.

I'll stop wittering now lol
Have fun
Dawn x

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Sunshine here yay !

Hiya everyone,

We've had an appointment filled week so far this week.  I had to go to the doctors yesturday (I'm falling apart lol) and after handing £20 plus came home with a bag stuffed with numerous tablets.  I'm now on 8 a day so I rattle when I walk.

Today has been a mad dash to podiatry for Princess and Pixie and I'm pleased to say all is as it should be, so thats's a relief.

I have started helping out in school one afternoon a week, working with the children, I started last week and can't wait to go back this week.  They have Clarinet lessons (which I can play) so I'm in my element.

Today is a lovely sunshiny day so the washing is hanging pretending it's spring (this I can cope with).  I've also been thinking about my outfits for christmas and new year and I may just dust off a frock!

I'm almost sorted with Christmas now and I plan to hold a jewellery party for princesses birthday in December with a homemade chocolate cake.  My lot love a party.

Ah well, tomorrow holds blood tests for me in the morning (told you I was falling part) I can't eat from 9pm tonight until I have had them done, that will be the killer for me no early morning brew.

Have fun

Dawn x

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Friday night gig


We went to the Sinnergod gig on Friday and all had a fabulous time.  I thought I would share a few photos with you.

First up me and Pixie, I'm wearing an outfit from many years ago totally rocking my inner morticia here lol.
 Me and my sister in law.
 J and some friends of ours.

The band.  Unfortunately not the best pics due to rather rude extra tall people standing in front of us.  They should do these things in height order lol.

It took for ever to get this pic as a bloke stood in front of me kept turning round trying to get his drink from somebody to my left, sorry to that bloke I think I blinded him with the flash of my camera more than once.

All in all a fabulous night, the only downside was being in pain till 4am with an infected toe how the hell I managed this in knee length boots with a 3 inch heel is anybody's guess.

We all need an excuse to do it all again now!

Ah well I have finally recovered from my late night and tonight it is Bommie night (Bonfire night for the non uk readers)  Typical November 5th weather here bloody freezing and pissing it down.  The wellies are out and were ready to take the cricket club by storm.

See ya soon

Dawn x

Thursday, 31 October 2013


 We haven't really done anything for halloween this year I got met with a cat, a witch and a pumpkin.  (Pumpkin shown below)
 They have played merrily their own little made up halloween inspired games around their costumes whilst I have been busy working on stock for my shop (a constant thing at the moment).

I did take a short break though to make cakes (orange coloured for halloween)

I also made some shortbread biscuits which the kids enjoyed decorating into mr tumble style lol.

The decorating, 3 kids hard at it.

The finished product da daaaaaaa!

3 happy children, proving you don't need to spend a fortune on halloween, even the outfits were last years.  The most it cost was a £1 for three bags of skittles on offer in Asda.

Have fun

Dawn x

Meet Sonny bunny !

Meet Sonny our new little bunny, he is 9 weeks old and reminds us of the colour of sunshine but spelt the boy way so he is Sonny.
He gets up to some right antics and makes us laugh with his cheeky ways.  Look at the size of him compared to J's hand and those ears are sooooooo soft, he still has baby fur and is ever so ever so unbelievably soft.

Hope your having fun

Love Dawn x

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

How to have a night out on a budget


This is my guide on how to have a night out on a budget. 

The preparation:

I thought eeeek my eyebrows need sorting instead of going to town and having them threaded and tinted at a cost of £10 plus whatever else the kids wheedle out of me with mummy I want this, that the other.  Not to mention my sanity of trying to keep the three year old still whilst I have it done, then having to find the loo because my youngest two have a loo fetish which is a nightmare.

Cost saving at least £10
Sanity saving priceless

What am I going to wear:

Calm, calm, calm I looked in the wardrobe and found I had a choice of outfits granted from a while ago but vintage is all the rage so off we go with shopping in the wardrobe.

Cost saving £ much
Sanity saving priceless (no shopping with children in tow)

Hair, make up, nails etc I am a dab hand at having had many years practice.

Cost savings £ much

I shall have a substanial meal before I go out and we have already got alcohol in so we shall have a couple before we go (I'm not a big drinker so probably be mostly on soft drinks when I'm out, J will have a few)

Transport to and from venue:

We will be using our free bus passes (perks of the job)

Cost saving £10-15 (guestimate haven't been in a taxi for 8 years)

So we shall be having a fab time with friends, a drink and a dance, my sil is stoping over at ours so no taxi fares and it is safer then J can run her home the next day.


Have a great weekend
Love Dawn x

Half term meandering along

Well hello,

The kids are off this week for half term and so far it has done nothing but rain.  We have had grandparents visit, a trip to Asda to buy more baking things for tomorrow we will be making Mr Tumble fairy cakes and Mr Tumble shortbread biscuits,  this is our Thursday entertainment sorted.  Friday we shall be having a dvd on the sofa with popcorn (50p for a large bag in Asda) and watch the muppets (free loaned by a friend).  The kids cannot wait they are easily pleased my lot I am happy to say.  I also bought some new jeans for Pixie from Asda as she seems to have grown almost overnight which reminds me I need to find her some winter PJ's in a larger size too and a new pinafore dress for school.

I am also pleased to say I am off out for the night on Friday, I know don't be shocked ME a night out lol, we are off to town to see a gig a band called Sinnergod a friend of ours is their manager so there will be a few of our friends there, it should be a fab night.  I shall try to remember to take the camera and take a few pics.

We also have a new member of our family we have a little 9 week old lop earred rabbit called Sonny.  We couldn't bear the sight of an empty hutch after we lost Bob.  Sonny seems a right little character and once again we have struck gold and landed up with a friendly one instead of a viscious clawing biting one, for which I am very grateful.  I shall post a pic of him when my computer decides it is taking to camera (faulty usb ports on pc so hit and miss).

Have fun
Dawn x 

Monday, 28 October 2013

Sad news this week

You will remember a few months back we got Bob, unfortunatley the beautiful Bob was never a particularly well rabbit and he died Thursday night.  I had to break the news to the kids friday after school, as you can imagine they were absolutley distraught.

Rip beautiful Bob, gone but never forgotten.

Love Dawn x

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Energy companies, fighting back and survival.


After reading in the press this week in light of the energy price hikes that 'if it is cold put a jumper on'.  Well thank you Downing Street we hadn't thought of that one.  I find this comment rediculous for one and probably spoken by a man who doesn't even see a bill let alone pay one.  On no he has staff for that who show him how to let the tax payer foot the bill.

On reflection and wondering how many a household budget will manage this increase, (I know it is British Gas at the moment but they will all put their price up to follow suit).

In this household we will be keeping an eye on it (well mainly me lol)

So this means we will be:

*Not using a dryer except in cases of emergency which is usually childhood illness and a duvet having to be washed.

*The washing machine will only contain full loads in my case 9kg loads, and these clothes will be dirty clothes not clean ones.  If it isn't dirty it's fine.

*When it does get to the point we need heating (thankfully we haven't just yet) we will heat the living room and live in there for the days when we are all at home, the heat in the kitchen from cooking will dry clothes on airers.  On bath and shower nights (every person in the house will take their shower or bath on that night) the bathroom will be heated.

*Showers are limited to 5 mins (Jand I are bad at staying under there for longer J can last 20 mins)  Any time spent under the shower after you have fully washed yourself is waste!

*I shall be cooking meals that can be done using a steamer, 20 min meals on top of the hob, rather than using the oven.

So folks thats what we will be doing towards cutting our bills and usage, have thought what the price increases will mean for you whether you will have to rejig, cut back, cut out or if your lucky enough to be able to absorb the extra costs.

Oh well best go and get the draught excluders out ready to block up the other rooms, I'm still preparing for winter and I rekon soon I'll be putting the flannelette sheets on the bed, digging out more blankets and putting on the winter duvet.

Over to you

Dawn x  

Friday, 18 October 2013

British gas price increases OH BUM!

Hello lovely reader,

I have heard on the news recently about British Gas hiking their prices, this is really not what I want to hear when I have just switched to them from another pricey provider.  Talk about jumping from the frying pan into the fire!  Unimpressed further by the fact I am locked in on a variable rate for the next 12 months.

I am now currently thinking of ways to decrease the amount of energy I use in day to day life, is anybody else in the same boat as me I wonder?

I am counting my blessings though at the same time (well you have to remain positive don't you) that I have not had to put the heating on yet as we are still registering as 19.5 degrees in this house, so I am pleased with that.

Is your heating on or off yet?  Are you dreading the winter bills as much as me? 

Over to you
Love Dawn x

Ups and downs of life!

Well hello my loverly readers,

This week has seemed better than last week (which saw all my children spending the whole week tripping up over their own feet).  The final straw was when I went to collect Peaches last friday from rainbows, to be met by one of the leaders walking up towards my house to come and get me.  Peaches had fallen playing "what time is it mr wolf?" her glasses fell off and she landed on them, with the sharpe side imbedding itself into her forehead.

In all honesty at that point I could have happily curled up into a ball at the back of the church and screamed and cried.  I didn't though I scrapped up Peaches and took her home.  She is fine and her glasses are now fixed.

Pixie had the autumn walk this week with nursery (parents go too) the afternoon it was on it was torrential rain, we all got soaked to the skin but Pixie didn't seem to care she loved it in all it's mudbath glory via every puddle she could find.

The fab bit of the news of the week for me is that after half term I have been asked to go into school to do some sewing with a year 4 class.  I'm really looking forward to it, there making cross stitch christmas cards.

Have fun
Dawn x 

Thursday, 10 October 2013

It's October it's nearly halloween

I have been making some halloweened themed jewellery so here we have Pumpkins, because no halloween is complete without a pumpkin.

 We have bat earrings, I love the little faces on these.

We have the skeletons rocking it out with their guitars.

We have dragonflys (not halloweenish I hear you cry, maybe not but I think there fab plus I love the teal and purple colour combination)

Lastly but certainly not least we have candy pink skulls to help you release your inner punk lol.  Just because it is halloween it doesn't have to be black a splash of colour is also welcome. 

So there you go, all available in the shop

also check out my page on facebook and hit the like button.

When I reach 200 likes I may do another giveaway.

Love Dawn x

Items I made

A snuggly baby blanket in shade of Plum, Lavender and Cream.

Beautifully warm and snuggly. x

Eeeeeeeek the animals escaped from the zoo!

Only joking just my little peeps rocking their new hat, scalf and gloves.  They are really pleased that It has now gone cold just so they could wear these to school this morning bless em.

This week has been mainly filled with doctors appointments for asthma reviews (Me and Princess), booster immunisations (Pixie and bless her she was the bravest little girl ever) and Saturday we shall be back again for flu jabs.  I reckon the nurse will be sick of the sight of us by Saturday lol.

Other than that I have beeen making more items for my shop and stretching my patience levels waiting for the photos to upload.

Feel free to bob over to my shop to take a look.  I am also now taking orders for items wanted for christmas!

Right now I'm off to grab some breakfast and see if the central heating still works as I think we shall be requiring it shortly.

Have you put your heating on yet?

See ya later
Love Dawn x 

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Back to school bugs


Come near at your peril, yesturday we were visited via Peaches with the back to school bugs, oh yes the tummy bug not the cold (I could cope with the cold) so after a rather uncomfortable night sat on the bedroom floor (no sleep) on bowl holding duty and dash to the loo duty, I then had a day of fight the germs and the washing pile.  i just hope i have managed to contain the bug to Peaches and that nobody else gets it (fingers crossed).

All plans are scrapped till further notice, Peaches seems alot brighter today after a good sleep and has appetite of a horse so hopefully she will be back to normal tomorrow.

You can tell when kids are getting better, when they have enough energy to scrap with their siblings then there on the mend lol.

Back to the washing pile

See ya

Sunday, 29 September 2013

I'm back

Hiya really sorry I haven't been around for a while the last few weeks have taken everything out of me and seem to have been in a flat spin.  So what have I been up too?  Sorting out my gas and electric suppliers, getting kids settled back in to school, rainbows, brownies etc and they have had numerous parties.

As for me I have been working on a few things and have added some new items to my shop. also find me at facebook at

Here's a sneaky peek at what I have been making:
A skull watch.

 Raspberry and Pink  baby blanket.

 A cream, red and navy blue baby blanket.

Another hectic week ahead of me and I really need to get my head around christmas, it is all go, go, go!

Hope everyone is getting on well.

Love Dawn x

Thursday, 12 September 2013

The day is here

The day Pixie has been waiting for since June, her first day of nursery school I'm happy to say that she waltzed in this morning happy as can be and has been waiting from 7am this morning to leave the house, chomping at the bit.  I hope she is having a fabulous day and me and Bob are missing her.  Bob seems a bit lost as he comes out the hutch in the morning and Pixie is always there, this morning he just sat in his run looking lost as I cleaned his hutch.

Good Luck Pixie hope you have a wonderful day!

Ah well I best crack on with some work, todays task is to start de-summering the wardrobes.

Dawn x

Monday, 9 September 2013

Christmas and getting organised

Hello everyone,

This week Pixie starts Nursery school (Thursday).  She only does one day this week to try it out and then she is in 2 and a half days after that, Pixie is looking forward to going.  It means I have 2 and a half days to dedicate to my online shop without constant demands and requests.  I shall also be able to start to prepare for Christmas.

I'm sorry I know mentioning Christmas in September is up there with swearing to some people but if you start now it will be cheaper.

This is what I do:

I save a set amount out of wages every month and when it gets to September I have the bulk of the money I need to make a serious dent in the shopping.  I then scour the internet to get the best deals on the items I need to buy, I shop using quidco  or topcashback  I check both to see which has the best deal.  I also like places with free delivery lol.

I then not only enter the new year with NO debts but with a cash lump sum from my cashback payouts.  You could then save this to put towards next years Christmas, or as I have done in the past towards a new much needed household appliance in the sale (purchased using a cashback site of course and usually free delivery).

I shall be starting my shopping in the next week or so and I shall be shopping with a list and sticking to a budget.

Has anyone else started christmas shopping yet?  Do you save all year round?

Readers it's over to you....

Love Dawn

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Bob the rabbit

Well hello,

This is Bob our little rabbit who we have had a fortnight, the poor little thing has had an infection so has required antibiotics for the last week and hasn't been a well boy.  We took Bob back to the vets today and he is slowly recovering from his infection.  If anybody has seen the duracell bunny they have seen Bob during a sneezing fit.  He has to continue on his antibiotics and he has put on some weight (yay) you can tell he is feeling better as he thumps around the room bunny hopping mid way and all you see is two ears flying in the air plus a powder puff tail.

I have a banging headache at the moment (I think I must have been stressed about Bob being ok, as since I have got back from the vets It has arrived, it must be relief)

I have sat down  with a much needed cup of tea and I'm currently doing like for like costings on everything Bob will need and seeing where is the best place to buy it.

So far for his litter (we have sucessfully litter trained him in 2 weeks) and hay we find that Home Bargains are the cheapest for Hay and Litter, Asda is cheapest for rabbit food and currently on offer,  I currently have a giant wood shavings bag that doesn't seem to be going down and I'm yet to find a better deal on this yet but I am still searching!

Any suggestions on best buys on woodshavings?  Any other bunny owners?

Thanks Dawn