Monday, 28 January 2013

Afflecks visit

Hiya we had our trip to afflecks and i spent the grand total of a tenner.  Some pics to follow of our day.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Snowy pictures

Heres some snowy pics from us to u.

Mortgage Update

Woohoo everything so far is clicking into place regarding the saving towards the overpayments on my mortgage.  I now have Decembers Payment and Januarys payment saved once i have Februarys payment as well i shall wack it off the mortgage.  I Cannot wait for next years mortgage statement and to see what i owe slowly decreasing.

Catching Up again


After a week of illness (peaches and pixie), snow etc my utility bills will be through the roof.  My electric bill will up because of the extra washing (sickness)  and having to use my dryer (love/ hate relationship)  Love because i can get through the washing in no time and Hate because of the cost.

We've had some unexpected  news this week my husband has a week off next week that he was not expecting- yay!!!  Due to being unable to get to any sort of non supermarket shop for well over a month I've managed not to spend any of my allotted spending money, my birthday money or my Christmas money.  So everyones health pending and snow pending (another ton last night)were off on a trip to Afflecks Palace, it is one of my favourite places on earth.  It's an Aladdin's cave of all sorts and a Mecca for all people that embrace alternative lifestyles.  I'll post some pics on my return. 

So Afflecks Palace here we come!!!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Book sharing

Three books that helped to change my thinking towards reduce, reuse recycle.  Spending less, consuming less, living more becoming healthier accepting change its all here.  I wonder what everyone elses lifechanging reading is?  Please feel free to comment. X

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

No blog today

Hiya 2nd day of no blog i have two ill kiddies so will catch up when their better.  Signing off for calpol and cuddles

Dawn x

Monday, 21 January 2013

Recipe sharing Monday


As promised a recipe to share with you this is one of our family favourites.

Beef Stew

454g diced beef £3.50 organic yellow stickered
Peeled and chopped potatoes about 5 or 6 decent size 35p
quarter of a pack of frozen casserole veg 25p
frozen peas 1/8th of a bag 12p
1 decent size onion peel and slice 8p
stock cube
salt and pepper
a little oil to brown meat in
1 tbls gravy granules
1stp mixed herbs 25p for spices seasonings etc


Peel onion and potatoes and chop into largish pieces
Brown diced beef in a little oil complete with onion, herbs, salt and pepper
When browned add potatoes and top up with casserole veg and frozen peas
Crumble on a stock cube and add gravy granules
Cover with boiling hot water from kettle, place lid on top and bring to the boil then simmer for 2hrs.

This recipe is easy to make and costs 90p a portion, we tend to eat this for Sunday dinner instead of a roast dinner.  You could make this recipe cheaper by using mince beef instead of diced beef.  It tastes even more delicious if cooked and left in the fridge overnight (leftovers) then reheated the next day.

Ah well suppose I best dash and get things sorted ready for dinner time tonight it's homemade spag bol.

Love Dawn

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Money saving without compromising on life


Hope everyones having a nice peaceful Sunday.  J is off today so had a nice fry up for lunch, Princess has gone to a party (friend from school) and peaches and pixie are playing play dough at kitchen table so I'm grabbing ten mins to write a quick blog.

The current ways I save money:

* Write a meal plan and then write a shopping list

*Don't impulse buy if it is not on the list it doesn't get bought

*Don't do credit (except for mortgage)

*Buy offers based on the fact I would use the item anyway

*Shop around and buy at the cheapest unit price

*On line shopping is done through a cashback website and I've just got paid another £20

*I price up meals and I cook from scratch

*Extra portions are frozen (quick meals to ping)

*Hand wash bottles are refilled with cheapest bath foam ( i can usually get at least three refills of one hand wash for about 55p)

*Warn but still clean clothes get a second wear I'm a divil for bunging it all in wash when its only been on for half an hour if it don't niff and not covered in owt it'll be fine

*The dryer is only used in cases of emergency e.g. sickness

*Loo rolls are squashed in half to stop kids using half a roll at each visit

*The shopping budget is £85 max a week for all groceries, cleaning stuff and toiletries

*We walk everywhere/ or get the bus we have free passes

Oh well must dash tea tonight is a homemade beef stew with  a choc chip sponge pudding i made this morning for afters.

Please join me tomorrow for the first of my recipe sharing Mondays.

Love Dawn

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Electric Bill HOW MUCH!


We have snow again today nothing to do but relax at home as getting out of the street is a slippy affair.


In September i had my direct debits increased by a fiver a month on both gas and electric.  I read my meters once a month and submit my readings on line (i get cheaper bill by having dual fuel and by having my bills on line).
I apparently now owe £40 on my electric and 6p on my gas this is on top of my usual direct debit.  I need to see how i am getting through so much electric and try to trim it down a bit.


We currently owe £48000 on our mortgage and hope to have it paid off in ten years, I used an overpayment calculator to see how much i could save on interest payments by whacking off the balance early, this is what spurs me to go on when i have doubt in my mind.

I wonder if anybody else is finding their utility bills creeping up  as well or if it's just me?

Dawn x

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Another cold day with snow on the way

Hiya today it's cold and my plans include making a batch of soup for the freezer and baking some cake which never makes it to the freezer lol.  A cheap and nutritious way of filling hungry tums using veg, stock and some red lentils i found at the back of the cupboard happy days.

This afternoon i shall contnue crocheting a blanket for my youngest dughters bed.  It was n i made for her cot when she was smaller but is now in a single bed so i'm adding to the existing one to make a large snuggly blanket for her.  I love making things and blanket making is a fab way to keep warm in the winter months.  We have loads of them in this house thrown on the back of sofas and on all the beds.  I made one for my mother in law for a present and she loves it too.  I've considered making them to sell maybe on an etsy shop or something similar but its a large commitment for me at the moment.

Hoping the weather isn't too bad were you are.

Dawn x

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

post christmas blues, kick up the bum january

I've had a break from blogging over the festive season mainly due to being busy with my kids being off school and nursery and so i've been busy having fun spending time with them.

Just before christmas my washer died a death just after i'd stripped four beds and in the middle of the first load, it's always the way isn't it?  I managed to get another delivered just before christmas.  I don't cope very well if i don't have a washer and a hoover silly i know but two days in my house is full of bits and crumbs and the washing spills out of every basket + nightmare for mummy.

The washer i bought (thank goodness for savings) is an A== rating and a 9kg load which i need with my mini messy crew lol  It cost me £309 and i got paid to shop on the cashback website.

For January i'm looking to reduce my grocery bill, continue with potty training my youngest child as thats £10 a week alone off my grocery bill.

For two adults, three lil kids and 1 cat my current budget is £85 a week.  I'm hoping to shave this down as much as i can by meal planning, cooking from scratch and only cooking one hot meal a night, J works shifts so hes not always here to eat with us, I then end up cooking one meal for the kids and one meal for me and him two hrs-4hrs later  this is stopping now as fuel is really expensive.  From now on i shall cook for 5 and either plate up his portion if he is home or put it in the fidge to heat up later or if hes working till midnight it goes in the freezer as a ping meal for another day.

By doing this i'm hoping to save time, energy, fuel and spend less on meals.