Thursday, 17 January 2013

Another cold day with snow on the way

Hiya today it's cold and my plans include making a batch of soup for the freezer and baking some cake which never makes it to the freezer lol.  A cheap and nutritious way of filling hungry tums using veg, stock and some red lentils i found at the back of the cupboard happy days.

This afternoon i shall contnue crocheting a blanket for my youngest dughters bed.  It was n i made for her cot when she was smaller but is now in a single bed so i'm adding to the existing one to make a large snuggly blanket for her.  I love making things and blanket making is a fab way to keep warm in the winter months.  We have loads of them in this house thrown on the back of sofas and on all the beds.  I made one for my mother in law for a present and she loves it too.  I've considered making them to sell maybe on an etsy shop or something similar but its a large commitment for me at the moment.

Hoping the weather isn't too bad were you are.

Dawn x