Saturday, 19 January 2013

Electric Bill HOW MUCH!


We have snow again today nothing to do but relax at home as getting out of the street is a slippy affair.


In September i had my direct debits increased by a fiver a month on both gas and electric.  I read my meters once a month and submit my readings on line (i get cheaper bill by having dual fuel and by having my bills on line).
I apparently now owe £40 on my electric and 6p on my gas this is on top of my usual direct debit.  I need to see how i am getting through so much electric and try to trim it down a bit.


We currently owe £48000 on our mortgage and hope to have it paid off in ten years, I used an overpayment calculator to see how much i could save on interest payments by whacking off the balance early, this is what spurs me to go on when i have doubt in my mind.

I wonder if anybody else is finding their utility bills creeping up  as well or if it's just me?

Dawn x