Sunday, 20 January 2013

Money saving without compromising on life


Hope everyones having a nice peaceful Sunday.  J is off today so had a nice fry up for lunch, Princess has gone to a party (friend from school) and peaches and pixie are playing play dough at kitchen table so I'm grabbing ten mins to write a quick blog.

The current ways I save money:

* Write a meal plan and then write a shopping list

*Don't impulse buy if it is not on the list it doesn't get bought

*Don't do credit (except for mortgage)

*Buy offers based on the fact I would use the item anyway

*Shop around and buy at the cheapest unit price

*On line shopping is done through a cashback website and I've just got paid another £20

*I price up meals and I cook from scratch

*Extra portions are frozen (quick meals to ping)

*Hand wash bottles are refilled with cheapest bath foam ( i can usually get at least three refills of one hand wash for about 55p)

*Warn but still clean clothes get a second wear I'm a divil for bunging it all in wash when its only been on for half an hour if it don't niff and not covered in owt it'll be fine

*The dryer is only used in cases of emergency e.g. sickness

*Loo rolls are squashed in half to stop kids using half a roll at each visit

*The shopping budget is £85 max a week for all groceries, cleaning stuff and toiletries

*We walk everywhere/ or get the bus we have free passes

Oh well must dash tea tonight is a homemade beef stew with  a choc chip sponge pudding i made this morning for afters.

Please join me tomorrow for the first of my recipe sharing Mondays.

Love Dawn