Tuesday, 15 January 2013

post christmas blues, kick up the bum january

I've had a break from blogging over the festive season mainly due to being busy with my kids being off school and nursery and so i've been busy having fun spending time with them.

Just before christmas my washer died a death just after i'd stripped four beds and in the middle of the first load, it's always the way isn't it?  I managed to get another delivered just before christmas.  I don't cope very well if i don't have a washer and a hoover silly i know but two days in my house is full of bits and crumbs and the washing spills out of every basket + nightmare for mummy.

The washer i bought (thank goodness for savings) is an A== rating and a 9kg load which i need with my mini messy crew lol  It cost me £309 and i got paid to shop on the cashback website.

For January i'm looking to reduce my grocery bill, continue with potty training my youngest child as thats £10 a week alone off my grocery bill.

For two adults, three lil kids and 1 cat my current budget is £85 a week.  I'm hoping to shave this down as much as i can by meal planning, cooking from scratch and only cooking one hot meal a night, J works shifts so hes not always here to eat with us, I then end up cooking one meal for the kids and one meal for me and him two hrs-4hrs later  this is stopping now as fuel is really expensive.  From now on i shall cook for 5 and either plate up his portion if he is home or put it in the fidge to heat up later or if hes working till midnight it goes in the freezer as a ping meal for another day.

By doing this i'm hoping to save time, energy, fuel and spend less on meals.