Monday, 21 January 2013

Recipe sharing Monday


As promised a recipe to share with you this is one of our family favourites.

Beef Stew

454g diced beef £3.50 organic yellow stickered
Peeled and chopped potatoes about 5 or 6 decent size 35p
quarter of a pack of frozen casserole veg 25p
frozen peas 1/8th of a bag 12p
1 decent size onion peel and slice 8p
stock cube
salt and pepper
a little oil to brown meat in
1 tbls gravy granules
1stp mixed herbs 25p for spices seasonings etc


Peel onion and potatoes and chop into largish pieces
Brown diced beef in a little oil complete with onion, herbs, salt and pepper
When browned add potatoes and top up with casserole veg and frozen peas
Crumble on a stock cube and add gravy granules
Cover with boiling hot water from kettle, place lid on top and bring to the boil then simmer for 2hrs.

This recipe is easy to make and costs 90p a portion, we tend to eat this for Sunday dinner instead of a roast dinner.  You could make this recipe cheaper by using mince beef instead of diced beef.  It tastes even more delicious if cooked and left in the fridge overnight (leftovers) then reheated the next day.

Ah well suppose I best dash and get things sorted ready for dinner time tonight it's homemade spag bol.

Love Dawn