Thursday, 28 February 2013

illness and money saving

This week we have illness in this house the only upside is we do not have the strength to spend lol.  I will return to blogging when i feel better.

cough cough
Dawn x

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

We need sunshine

I cannot wait for spring to arrive and some warmer weather.  I'm really not a fan of winter and feel it has gone on too long.  I'm sick of the bugs that fly round school and nursery and now were all sick of the coughing.

Anyway today i'm stuck in waiting for J's birthday present to arrive (free delivery) and cashback, so listening to radio and doing competitions on the computer.

have fun
love Dawn

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Baby on a budget

The papers make me laugh when they state it cost so much to bring up a child from birth- 20 years.

The early years especially don't need to cost a fortune.

A baby needs the basics: food, warmth, shelter to be clean and dry and mostly love and care.

My children haven't really cost me as much as the papers state and after you have the baby kit you can use it again for any subsequent children.

Feeding- Breastfeeding is free, readily available and with the right information and support anyone can do it.

Nappies- I bought a birth to potty pack of reusables with my eldest and used them on all my children until the age of two when they spend a small amount of time in disposables until potty trained.  Mine cost me £300.  That equates to £50 a year over the two years for each child.

Clothes- Babies grow out of thing so quickly, so hand me downs are fine.  Pixie got a ton of clothes passed over to me by a friend she was the best dressed baby in town.  I then passed them all on after she had outgrown them.

Pram- I've had a few prams, some passed down, some buggies bought new ( never a £400 + one that you can't even fold to get on a bus)
My current pushchair was suppose to be £70 i bought it for 96p plus i got £2.00 cashback through using a cashback website.

Towels- Bath towels are cheaper and you get longer use on than the towel hooded things.

Blankets- I made my own, as well as hats, gloves, booties and cardigans. 

Car seats i have always bought new as well as any bottles (oldest two children) or a steriliser and dummies if lil one would have them (pixie wouldn't).

what baby item could you not live without?

For me it would be my pushchair i use it daily for school run and carrying shopping on up the hill home.

Dawn Rose

Potty training and money saving

At the moment we are potty training the youngest member of our household this means that for the last three weeks we have not had to buy nappies or wipes that usually come to around £10 a week.

This weeks weekly shop came from Asda i got a weeks groceries, three easter outfits (for the girls) and 6 easter eggs all for £71.  I was really impressed as when i usually go to Asda i spend a fortune.  This shop contained extras and still came in under budget.  Result!

Nappy free for us will mean £520 a year saving.

Dawn Rose

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

15 minute spaghetti bolognaise from scratch

 A quick recipe for you all to try.  If you try a jar version after having this all you will taste is salt. This one has more taste and less added junk.

Tonight's tea was spaghetti bolognaise I made this in 15 minutes and cooked it from scratch.


Quorn  (just over half a bag on offer at Asda)
Smartprice chopped tomatoes
1 tsp of mixed herbs (smartprice)
a squirt of tomato ketchup
1 onion chopped
a little oil to soften onion
salt and pepper
spaghetti (enough for two adults and three lil ones)


1) chop onion
2)place onion in a saucepan with herbs and a little salt and pepper and soften with a little oil.
3)Add to pan containing the above the quorn, tin of chopped tomatoes and squirt of ketchup.
4) boil up and then simmer for 10-15 minutes.
5) meanwhile in a separate pan place spaghetti and boiling water, boil up and then simmer for 10 mins.

Really easy and quick to make.  If you have more time or wanted to bulk it out to feed more you could add chopped peppers, butter beans or lentils.

Have fun
Love Dawn

Pimp ma porch

Hiya well today it is freezing and im gonna start on the coldest part of the house.  Were going mellow sage, just hope it looks ok when its done.
Anyway currently having a mug of tea and giving the job a good hard looking at lol true workperson styleeee.  As a person dear to me wud say" no bloody coffee no bloody work" ah well off to dig out the step ladders.  Will show progress later. 
Heres the before pic, the paint colour and the most important brew.

Sunday, 17 February 2013


Hiya everyone,

As you all know i am still doing up my house it's a long process but one day we will finish it i am sure.  This year i plan to decorate the living room, the porch and the kitchen.

I have ploughed the spadework into having new walls and floors into these three room they just need a fresh lick of paint, new curtains, carpets a rug and the carpet cleaning.

I plan on Tuesday when the kids are back in school and nursery to put my first coat of lovely sage green paint onto my porch walls.  I shall try to remember to take before and after pictures to show you how much it has changed since we moved in.

This weeks half term has gone quickly I'm surprised to say and will miss my children tomorrow when they return to school.  I have a big clean up to do in the morning and i have a good friend coming to see me in the afternoon.

Hope you all had a good weekend.

Love Dawn.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Beauty and the joys of being a Natural Blonde

Hello everyone,

On yesturdays shopping trip i also ha a lil spend on myself.  I spent £5 on having my eyebrows threaded.  I have had them dyed before at the threading place but i find them too dark for my very pale hair and skin tone.

I an a natural blonde which is a blessing because it means:

I dont have to by hair dye

It is a pain because:

I have blonde eyebrows and eyelashes.

I know dye my eyelashes in black £5 for a years worth of applications (done every four weeks)

I also dye my eyebrows in brown £5 for a years worth of applications (done every four weeks)

If i had this done at the salon once a month it'd cost me £10 a time (£120 a year) so i save £110 a year by doing it myself at home.  It is quick and easy.

I have never been to a Spa there pricey and full of people with tons off cash (scared I'll be judged as the poor relation lol)  I do however enjoy a good pamper at home and aim for a top to toe pamper once a month.  I hate to think what that would cost in a spa.

Love Dawn

Thursday, 14 February 2013

A Me and Peaches day

Peaches seems to have had a growth spurt since Christmas so we had some us time today as J was off and had Princess and Pixie at home.  It was nice to spend one on one time with my middle daughter.  We had a shop round town and then went to McDonalds (her choice, with some vouchers i got from the local paper)

Clotheswize she got 2 pairs of leggings, 2 long sleeved tops, a cardigan and a fleece top for £20 in Primark.  These along with her other clothes that still fit her should last us till the warmer months when i will have three to do a summer clothes shop for oh and another dreaded Clarks run.

We had a fab time and now she has new clothes so win win today.

Happy Valentines day to you all.

Love Dawn. x

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Valentines day tomorrow

What do you all have planned?

We always celebrate it, nothing pparticularly lavish a nice meal together when the kids are in bed and a bottle of wine (one glass for me, rest of the bottle for him lol i can't feel me legs after one glass).

This year I've bought J a card and made him a heart shaped chocolate cake, with melted chocolate on top, the message in cherry's on top of that says luv u.  I'm soppy lol i know but it's nice to be loved.  It's not about spending a fortune on pierce and ping meals in some packed restaurant, it is about time together in each others company.

Hope you have a fab valentine's day

Dawn x

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Cut that spending. Take packed lunches

How much do you spend on a lunch either at work or whilst out and about.  School dinners also tot up after a bit.  I cook a hot dinner for my family every night without fail so think it is fine they have a packed old lunch for school.

At school it is £10 a child a week for dinners.  That's £30 a week I'd have to find.

I can make packed lunches for three children each school week for £7.86.

Here's how i do it.

All items are purchased from Aldi.
2 loaves of bread 1.98
cheese £1.49 sometimes ham, chicken ect
cheese string 79p
chocolate biscuit 74p
fruit £2.00 bananas/apples/pears/ect depending what on offer
yogurts 86p for 15

£30 a week for 36 weeks = £1080 per school year
£7.86 a week for 36 weeks= £282.96 per school year

That's a saving of £1362.96 a year. 

Something else to easily whack off the mortgage without feeling the pain.  As it goes I'm quite lucky my children enjoy taking a packed lunch as their friends also take one too.  I try to make it healthy and balanced and the contents often vary but i always keep it to within the budget.  They have always had a packed lunch so what you've never had you'll never miss.

try it out
Love Dawn

Monday, 11 February 2013

come say hello

Hiya everyone

Come say hello.  I can tell from the stats that i have regular visitors to my blog it would be fab it you would like to follow me (link at the side) and come say hello to me, i'm friendly honest lol i promise not to bite if your nice.


Here we go again

Well folks ive seen this house were off to view it next tuesday its in a nicer location closer to the school and our familys.  Ive been number crunching all day and me head is sore.  Its a three bed semi with gardens.  I got everything crossed that it ticks all the boxes, that we get a mortgage for it based on our earnings and that we get a buyer for ours.  I need a lot of luck to make this work eeeeeeek. P.s.  i still hope to overpay on this mortgag too.  Lets see were the wind blows us next x

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

paid to shop i totally reccommend

I love being paid to shop  I've just received two payouts today, one from topcashback and one from quidco.  Every bit helps to pay off the mortgage after all.  I've added referral links here too so feel free to use them.

topcashback is free to join and quidco i love the check ins on the highstreet paid for a mooch round the shops not even buying anything.

check em out you'd be mad not too.

Spring Cleaning

Hiya everyone I've had a very busy day again today well i do most days if I'm honest i never stop lol.  The sunshine seems to be peeping through a cloud today so i thought I'd get a crack on with the spring cleaning.  So many jobs to do and so little time. 

So far i did a top to toe clean through off all rooms but in the next few weeks i will return to those rooms each in turn and :

* declutter every inch
*drag everything out and clean every inch
*take down curtains and wash etc
*wash cushion covers
*go through every cupboard and wardrobe
*wash duvets and pillows
*Do a deep clean on each room

I also do a mini version of this before Christmas.

I have a thing about clean, i can't help it, i can't stand things that smell bad and have a nose like a bloodhound.  We have asthmatic lungs in this house which is aggravated by chemicals, dust and pet hair so those things are kept to a bare minimum.

I see all these cleaning products on the shelves of supermarket, most do not do all that they promise to do, most are overpriced for what they are and a good clean can be achieved with a few low cost products.

I'm about to share with you my cleaning kit.  I only buy non named brand items unless the brand item is on offer and it works out cheaper to do so.

Dawn Rose's Cleaning kit

*bicarbonate of soda (an abrasive for hard to move stains, on hobs baths round taps etc)

*white vinegar (naturally antibacterial)

*essential oils (i like a bit of fragrance)

*bleach (for cleaning loo and dishcloths)

*washing up liquid (dishes, hard floors)

*cheapest washing powder

I clean all surfaces daily wth a damp micro fibre cloth (the dust stays away longer than if you use a dry duster)

Kitchen and bathroom are cleaned with vinegar+water+dash of essential oil mixed in a spray bottle)

Hard floors are brushed and then mopped with a bucket of hot water containing a squirt of washing up liquid and a slug of vinegar.  I also add a few drops of essential oil too.

Blocked drains are cured by placing bicarbonate of soda in the plug hole the add vinegar till it fizzes.  Leave for half a hour the pour a boiling hot kettle of water down the plughole.

Oven cleaned also with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar+water mix.

So basically,

*washing  up liquid to wash
bicarbonate of soda to use for the tough stuck on bits
*vinegar for anything requiring antibacterial action
*essential oils for a nice smell
*washing powder for clothes and vinegar instead of fabric conditioner

NB must use white vinegar so as not to stain anything

Give it a go cheap as chips once you try it i doubt you will ever go back to being fleeced by something with a fancy package that contains all these ingredients.

Happy cleaning
Dawn x

Busy mum blogging on the school run

On way to school with pixie to collect my girls.  Today ive been cleaning like a mad woman and fighting a washing pile.  Plus a couple of hours work making a blanket like the one in the photo for my online shop.  It is red and black i will post a pic when im finished.  Back later with my cheap as chips cleaning kit to share with you all.

This is an example of the blankets i have made in the past.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Post weekend catch up

Hiya everyone It feels like ages since my last blog post.  We've had a busy weekend with visiting family and enjoying the last bit of J's week off work.  He went back yesterday and Princess and Peaches went back to school.  (i always miss them when there in school).  So that left just me and Pixie who has now started to potty train and is doing so well we are all very proud of her.  Monday started out like most Mondays do here with a big clean and a massive tidy up.  I then nipped to the shop for some fresh stuff.

On my way down to the shop i found a £20 note on the floor I couldn't believe it, these sorts of things NEVER happen to me. 

What would you do if you found a £20 note on the floor?

I made flapjacks on Sunday they were delicious and easy to make.  So here is the recipe.......



12 heaped teaspoons
6 oz of butter
6 tbsp golden syrup
dried fruit/choc chips/cherries (which ever you fancy, i used choc chips and chopped cherries)


In a pan melt butter and syrup
Meanwhile put oats into a mixing bowl
Add melted mixture to the oats and mix until there is no dry oats left
Stir in your added choice of fruit etc
Pour into lined cake tin or individual cake cases
Place in a preheated gas oven gas mark 3 for 20 minutes
When lightly golden on top take out oven and leave to cool.  When cool enjoy.

These are so quick and easy to make, they fill up little tums and are a nice treat.  I sometimes put these into the kids lunch boxes for school.

Hope your all having a nice day?


Saturday, 2 February 2013

Sponge pudding


Recipe Chocolate Chip Sponge Pudding

Hiya thought I'd bring you a new recipe this i tried for the first time the other week and my family loved it.  It was quick and easy to make.

Chocolate Chip Sponge Pudding


4oz self raising flour
4oz caster sugar
40z soft margarine
2 medium eggs
1tsp baking powder
2oz of chocolate chips


I added everything except the chocolate chips into a large mixing bowl and beat the mixture with a hand whisk for 2 minutes.  I then added the chocolate chips and mixed them in beat again for a few seconds.

Poured the mixture into the cake tins that i had lined with cake tin liners (i hate cutting the baking parchment, me and scissors do not get on)

Place in oven on gas mark 4 for 20-30 minutes depending on your oven and then when it's baked leave it to cool.

To serve

I served this with custard (powder on from asda that you just add water too).

final note
when i make this again i will double the recipe and make two one for the tea and one for the freezer.  The kids loved it try it out your kids probably will too.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Jewelery ive made

Some of items ive made any feedback most welcome.


Have had a busy week

Hiya i've been having a busy week i've decided to restart my passion of jewelery making and combining it with my love of goth as well as other ideas to create some pieces of jewelery to sell.  I'll be uploading some pics of what i've been making shortly all these items are for sale.  I'm also making crochet goth baby blankets ect for my lil shop watch this space it's all fun.

This week it has been a week of fixing things mainly the wii that pixie posted a coin into so had to pay to have that fixed and then peaches broke her glasses.  It has been an expensive week in all fairness and i've had to chip into my overpayment money (sulk) to be able to afford it) anyway hope your all good please feel free to comment and say hi.  back to making things.