Thursday, 21 February 2013

Baby on a budget

The papers make me laugh when they state it cost so much to bring up a child from birth- 20 years.

The early years especially don't need to cost a fortune.

A baby needs the basics: food, warmth, shelter to be clean and dry and mostly love and care.

My children haven't really cost me as much as the papers state and after you have the baby kit you can use it again for any subsequent children.

Feeding- Breastfeeding is free, readily available and with the right information and support anyone can do it.

Nappies- I bought a birth to potty pack of reusables with my eldest and used them on all my children until the age of two when they spend a small amount of time in disposables until potty trained.  Mine cost me £300.  That equates to £50 a year over the two years for each child.

Clothes- Babies grow out of thing so quickly, so hand me downs are fine.  Pixie got a ton of clothes passed over to me by a friend she was the best dressed baby in town.  I then passed them all on after she had outgrown them.

Pram- I've had a few prams, some passed down, some buggies bought new ( never a £400 + one that you can't even fold to get on a bus)
My current pushchair was suppose to be £70 i bought it for 96p plus i got £2.00 cashback through using a cashback website.

Towels- Bath towels are cheaper and you get longer use on than the towel hooded things.

Blankets- I made my own, as well as hats, gloves, booties and cardigans. 

Car seats i have always bought new as well as any bottles (oldest two children) or a steriliser and dummies if lil one would have them (pixie wouldn't).

what baby item could you not live without?

For me it would be my pushchair i use it daily for school run and carrying shopping on up the hill home.

Dawn Rose