Friday, 15 February 2013

Beauty and the joys of being a Natural Blonde

Hello everyone,

On yesturdays shopping trip i also ha a lil spend on myself.  I spent £5 on having my eyebrows threaded.  I have had them dyed before at the threading place but i find them too dark for my very pale hair and skin tone.

I an a natural blonde which is a blessing because it means:

I dont have to by hair dye

It is a pain because:

I have blonde eyebrows and eyelashes.

I know dye my eyelashes in black £5 for a years worth of applications (done every four weeks)

I also dye my eyebrows in brown £5 for a years worth of applications (done every four weeks)

If i had this done at the salon once a month it'd cost me £10 a time (£120 a year) so i save £110 a year by doing it myself at home.  It is quick and easy.

I have never been to a Spa there pricey and full of people with tons off cash (scared I'll be judged as the poor relation lol)  I do however enjoy a good pamper at home and aim for a top to toe pamper once a month.  I hate to think what that would cost in a spa.

Love Dawn