Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Cut that spending. Take packed lunches

How much do you spend on a lunch either at work or whilst out and about.  School dinners also tot up after a bit.  I cook a hot dinner for my family every night without fail so think it is fine they have a packed old lunch for school.

At school it is £10 a child a week for dinners.  That's £30 a week I'd have to find.

I can make packed lunches for three children each school week for £7.86.

Here's how i do it.

All items are purchased from Aldi.
2 loaves of bread 1.98
cheese £1.49 sometimes ham, chicken ect
cheese string 79p
chocolate biscuit 74p
fruit £2.00 bananas/apples/pears/ect depending what on offer
yogurts 86p for 15

£30 a week for 36 weeks = £1080 per school year
£7.86 a week for 36 weeks= £282.96 per school year

That's a saving of £1362.96 a year. 

Something else to easily whack off the mortgage without feeling the pain.  As it goes I'm quite lucky my children enjoy taking a packed lunch as their friends also take one too.  I try to make it healthy and balanced and the contents often vary but i always keep it to within the budget.  They have always had a packed lunch so what you've never had you'll never miss.

try it out
Love Dawn