Friday, 1 February 2013

Have had a busy week

Hiya i've been having a busy week i've decided to restart my passion of jewelery making and combining it with my love of goth as well as other ideas to create some pieces of jewelery to sell.  I'll be uploading some pics of what i've been making shortly all these items are for sale.  I'm also making crochet goth baby blankets ect for my lil shop watch this space it's all fun.

This week it has been a week of fixing things mainly the wii that pixie posted a coin into so had to pay to have that fixed and then peaches broke her glasses.  It has been an expensive week in all fairness and i've had to chip into my overpayment money (sulk) to be able to afford it) anyway hope your all good please feel free to comment and say hi.  back to making things.