Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Spring Cleaning

Hiya everyone I've had a very busy day again today well i do most days if I'm honest i never stop lol.  The sunshine seems to be peeping through a cloud today so i thought I'd get a crack on with the spring cleaning.  So many jobs to do and so little time. 

So far i did a top to toe clean through off all rooms but in the next few weeks i will return to those rooms each in turn and :

* declutter every inch
*drag everything out and clean every inch
*take down curtains and wash etc
*wash cushion covers
*go through every cupboard and wardrobe
*wash duvets and pillows
*Do a deep clean on each room

I also do a mini version of this before Christmas.

I have a thing about clean, i can't help it, i can't stand things that smell bad and have a nose like a bloodhound.  We have asthmatic lungs in this house which is aggravated by chemicals, dust and pet hair so those things are kept to a bare minimum.

I see all these cleaning products on the shelves of supermarket, most do not do all that they promise to do, most are overpriced for what they are and a good clean can be achieved with a few low cost products.

I'm about to share with you my cleaning kit.  I only buy non named brand items unless the brand item is on offer and it works out cheaper to do so.

Dawn Rose's Cleaning kit

*bicarbonate of soda (an abrasive for hard to move stains, on hobs baths round taps etc)

*white vinegar (naturally antibacterial)

*essential oils (i like a bit of fragrance)

*bleach (for cleaning loo and dishcloths)

*washing up liquid (dishes, hard floors)

*cheapest washing powder

I clean all surfaces daily wth a damp micro fibre cloth (the dust stays away longer than if you use a dry duster)

Kitchen and bathroom are cleaned with vinegar+water+dash of essential oil mixed in a spray bottle)

Hard floors are brushed and then mopped with a bucket of hot water containing a squirt of washing up liquid and a slug of vinegar.  I also add a few drops of essential oil too.

Blocked drains are cured by placing bicarbonate of soda in the plug hole the add vinegar till it fizzes.  Leave for half a hour the pour a boiling hot kettle of water down the plughole.

Oven cleaned also with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar+water mix.

So basically,

*washing  up liquid to wash
bicarbonate of soda to use for the tough stuck on bits
*vinegar for anything requiring antibacterial action
*essential oils for a nice smell
*washing powder for clothes and vinegar instead of fabric conditioner

NB must use white vinegar so as not to stain anything

Give it a go cheap as chips once you try it i doubt you will ever go back to being fleeced by something with a fancy package that contains all these ingredients.

Happy cleaning
Dawn x