Sunday, 24 March 2013

A fab sunday together for us

Hiya everyone,

Today we have had a fab family day, a trip to soft play was enjoyed by the three little ones and home to a nice grill up for dinner and a yummy roast for tea with cheapy veg.  I figured out it cost £1 a head which is not bad for a sunday roast, i also did extra veg which is now in my new fridge waiting to become bubble and squeek for tomorrow (a first for me, i've never made it before).

Remember my free £50 acado voucher, well i used it today for an online shop, i got a weeks groceries for £40 and i used a cashback website which earned me £6 so that covered the delivery charge.  Happy days, I've never had waitrose food before (I'm not posh lol) so it will be a first.  You can never say no to a freebie can you after all.

I also submitted my readings to the gas and electric company online and cannot believe on top of my direct debit payments i still owe over a hundredd pounds.  I'm now looking at ways to reign in this spending because it is costing me a bomb.  The fact it is now spring and the weather has other ideas certainly does not help.  We have had snow and biting winds again, we are all longing for some sunshine.

So readers have any tips or hints on how to reduce my gas and electric consumption?  Over to you.......