Friday, 22 March 2013

ALWAYS read the small print

Hiya everyone,

When buying an appliance these days they always try to flog you insurance on the back of the product.  I have had this happen to myself recently.  It is only £3.65 a month they say.

 (£43.80 a year i hear, and as my last appliance lasted 9 years that's £394.20 for 9 years and a new appliance just cost me £125)

 I could buy three appliances for the price i pay for the cover, what a total waste.  

Instead put the money you would pay into the cover into an account and then when an appliance turns up it's toes you can buy a new one simples.

The paper work came through today for my policy, i read the small print that states and i quote:

'you may cancel the plan at anytime during the initial seven working days after receiving you plan document.'

If you ring on the 0844 number they will charge you so i searched on the Internet for a number that would not charge me, cancelled the plan and removed the direct debit off my account before any money could be taken off me.

A word to the wise NEVER be suckered into these schemes or be miss sold anything that you do not want.  What's more ALWAYS READ THE SMALL PRINT it could save you money.

Hope you all have a nice weekend
love Dawn. x