Monday, 18 March 2013

Dawn Roses' Rocky Road

Hiya everyone i made these today, they were absolutely delicious with a cup of tea.  I apologise to anyone on a diet they are highly calorific but as i have a stone and a half to gain i can cope with a few calories.  Peaches said it was the best bit of the day having one of these after her tea.

Here's how i made it;


125g soft butter
200g dark chocolate
100g malteasers
200g milk chocolate digestives
100g marshmellows (chopped in half)
9 teaspoons of golden syrup
2 teaspoons icing sugar (to dust)


1) Firstly i weighed out the malteasers and the digestives placed them in food bags and bashed them with a rolling pin (leaving both pieces and crumbs), i then weighed out the marshmellows and sliced them in half.

2) In a heavy based saucepan i melted the butter, the golden syrup and the dark chocolate all together, then i removed 125ml into a little bowl for later on.

3) Add to the saucepan containing the chocolate mixture the bashed malteasters and bashed digestives and mix.

4) Then mix in the marshmellows

5) Pour into a rectangular cake tin.

6) The chocolate mixture you saved before is then to be poured on top and smooth it out.

7) Place in fridge.

8) leave for 2-3 hrs, cut into pieces and dust with icing sugar (i used a tea strainer to keep it fine).

9) sit down with a cup of tea and enjoy, pure bliss.

Love Dawn