Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Goodbye fridge freezer

Well today we woke up to find our fridge freezer that has served us non stop for the last 9 years has given up on life as a bad job and decided it is time to retire to appliance land in the sky.  This wouldn't have been too bad except it was full and i suspect been on it's way out for a while so we woke to a fridge full of warm food and a freezer full of squidgy food.

I always said when my fridge freezer died i would replace it with a big fridge to match my freezer allowing us more room to sit in the kitchen (these kids keep growing ya know).  I have priced up the same fridge in two places Argos had it on for £220 plus 1% cashback through quidco and Appliances online had it on for £165 plus £2% cashback and a free £50 ocado voucher.  (the neighbours will be thinking i've won the lottery when the van shows up lol)

 Appliances online was the cheapest i could get it so I'm £55 better off for buying it there instead of Argos plus whatever i get in my cashback, which probably won't be the kings ransom but it all tots up. 

Between my cashback on my shopping and my quidco checkins the pennys tot up to make the pounds and they tumble nicely into my bank account.  Happy days.