Sunday, 24 March 2013

Half term holidays and filling the time

Hiya everyone,

Today we spent sometime mooching round town, it is half term holidays and J is working so we went into town on the bus (cost=free)  we went to the library (cost=free) and had our lunch out, i took a packed lunch and some drinks with us, a sandwich and a piece of homemade cake.  (cost=free).

The kids had their feet measured in Clark's (cost=most certainly not free lol but necessary, as you know i save and budget for shoes and clothes so i have the money there and pay in cash as it softens the blow).

We had a look in the library for any free events happening in our local area over the Easter break as well, these sorts of events have really been pared down at the moment.

We have also looked into the possibility of taking the kids on the bus to the seaside when it warms up (it is an hour and a half on the bus but would be free for us)  if we went in the car i would take half an hour, plus cost of petrol and parking.

In all honesty the kids are fab, they never really ask for anything that is expensive.  They are most happy when they are playing in the park and we take a picnic and a ball for a kickabout.  Again we need some sunshine to make these things happen.

Love Dawn x