Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Life of a kitchen table

Pixie plays play dough as mummy folds washing.

Mummy dries dishes and piles them here (it's a 16ft kitchen and cupboards on the other side of room).

Pixie and mummy have lunch here.

Mummy photographs food here.

We all eat as a family here.

And play games as a family here.

Mummy writes her blog posts here and children do homework here.

How much life does my kitchen table see..... No wonder it looks so bruised and battered.   This table was gifted to us by my sister in law it has served us well for many years (about 8) it does however need a bit of tlc and this summer (weather pending) i hope to drag it outside, sand the poor thing down and treat it to a coat of varnish.  This table originally came with chairs but we bought the benches (ikea if your interested about £30 each) as only had 4 chairs and we needed seating for 5 of us.