Thursday, 21 March 2013

Naan bread pizza

Hiya everyone,

We made these for tea, we decided there dearer than a frozen pizza but tastier (less cardboard texture) but cheaper and healthier than a takeaway pizza (you can't drill for oil in these like you can a takeaway pizza).

They are really easy to make and take the same time it takes fighting the plastic off a frozen pizza or trying to get through on the phone to the takeaway.


Naan Bread
Chopped Tomatoes
Pepperoni (pre sliced)
Chicken breast (pre cooked)
Gated Cheese


Place naan bread onto a baking tray, Place a layer of tomato sauce from chopped tomatoes onto naan bread then add toppings of pepperoni and chicken breast, sprinkle cheese on top and place in a pre heated oven at gas mark 7 until cheese melted and pepperoni cooked through.


Love Dawn x