Friday, 15 March 2013

Quick cheese and potato pie

Hiya everyone

 Today it is Friday and that means rainbows this evening for princess and peaches, so i have an hour to get everyone fed, cleaned up and changed then take them to rainbows at the local church.  I need a decent filling hot tea for them and me too as J is working tonight and will not be home.

Cheese and potato pie

Potato's (peeled and chopped up small)
grated cheese (i buy it already grated it is cheaper this way)
tin/s of baked beans
salt and pepper


1)Peel and chop potato's add a little salt and pepper (boil up and simmer for ten minutes then mash)

2)Heat up beans

In each bowl place beans then add grated cheese (it melts into the beans) on top of this add the mash potato.

I add  a little more pepper to taste and then serve to hungry kids, followed by a yogurt and a piece of fruit.

The rainbows uniform is changed into after tea otherwise it gets wrecked with beans lol.

Hope you all have great weekend.

Love Dawn x