Saturday, 30 March 2013

Saturday meals, scraping the barrel

Well hello to my readers,

I hope you are having a fun and fab Saturday, we are two days away from our next big shop on Monday so the meals have become inventive lol.  Today we are having fridge, freezer and cupboard surprise the kids love these days and especially today as lunch is their favourite.  It consists of hot dog sausages from a tin, french fries chips (freezer) and onion rings (freezer).  They don't get convenience food very often so it is a real treat for them.  Tonight it'll be chicken fajitas for tea using chicken from the freezer, a half price fajita kit and veg from the fridge plus an onion.

Tomorrow we are off to my mum's for a family gathering to celebrate Easter, so we'll be having a lovely lunch there leaving us to have something on toast for our tea.

On another not has anybody else had their gas and electric bills from the beginning of winter?  We received ours yesterday and they want to increase my direct debit again for the second time in 6 months.  The electricity bill again seems the largest and i really cannot see any way that i am able to decrease my usage further.  

So over to you, Have you had your gas and electric bills? Do you find them larger than anticipated?  Are you considering reducing your consumption if so how?

Love Dawn x