Tuesday, 26 March 2013

School Holidays

Hiya everyone

It's day two of the school holidays for my eldest two girls, pixie has been to nursery and judging by her behaviour she wasn't impressed by her going and her sisters staying at home, lets just say the child i dropped off at nursery was not the same as the child i picked up, oh well that's it for another week for her so she can be with her sisters.

I cannot believe this weather, we had snow flurries and biting breeze all day it's cold enough to take your ears off i kid you not.  I did peg out my washing anyway and got it mostly dry so that's a bonus as i seem to have ten ton of the stuff at the moment.

This afternoon was mainly filled by watching Wallace and Grommit on DVD and me trying to get my first baby blanket finished for my Etsy shop (coming very soon so watch this space).

Has anbody else got school half term this week?  Are you doing anything fun?

Love Dawn x