Sunday, 14 April 2013

30 ways to save £1

Well hello everyone, have asked for bloggers to write a post about 30 ways to save £1. 

Here are my 30 ways:

1) Take stock of your budget, and see what services, insurances ect you could get cheaper.

2)  Cook double quantities of meals, eat one meal and freeze the other for an instant ready meal.

3) Use mince, very versatile, cheap, nutritious.

4) Add porridge oats, lentils to bulk out casseroles and stews.

5) Cook from scratch, fresher and cheaper.

6) Use a small oven when a big one just isn't needed.

7) If using a big oven fill it, freeze meals in portions afterwards.

8) Don't buy freezer containers ask people who have takeaways to save theirs for you.

9) Be supermarket savvy, hunt for the yellow stickered food.

10) Move away from the takeaways, make your own Naan bread pizza.

11) Bake, fill the oven with cakes, flapjacks, biscuits much cheaper.

12) Turn heating on for limited time in morning and evening for dressing and showers.

13) 5 min showers only, use an egg timer.

14) Running a bath put all the small children in together.

15) Walk to the shops, you will buy what you can carry and fill a basket rather than a trolley.

16) Walk to school, free exercise, slim, trim no need for the gym.

17) Search for free days out.

18) Take a picnic wherever you go, children always want something to eat and drink when out and so will you.

19) Hand me down, pass down kids clothes to younger children when outgrown.

20) Save up and pay with cash, it is too easy to overspend on plastic as the money does not feel real.

21) Turn off the lights in unused room, no person in a room no need for a light on.  (who lives on the landing).

22) Turn off everything at the wall when not in use. 

23) Turn the boiler off at night.

24) Only wash clothes when dirty.

25) Wash clothes on coolest settings you can get away with, less electric, less water, less wear on your clothes.

26) Hang up clothes when you take them off, air them they will do another day.

27) Use airers or hang washing outside to dry, step away from that tumble dryer.

28) Do a stock check before you go shopping, take a list with you and if it is not on the list do not buy it.

29) Cleaning can be done cheaper and just as effectively with white vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, basic washing powder and washing up liquid.  No need for fancy cleaners.

30) Move away from that polish a damp micro fibre cloth will clean it just as well the dust will not resettle and the smell of the polish will not make you cough.

I could add more if i'm honest.  What are your money saving ways?

Love Dawn x