Friday, 5 April 2013

Big shop

Well hello to you,

Today is a lovely spring day sunny but cold though as we dashed out the door at 8am to drop Pixie at nursery and then bobbed to Aldi (this weeks supermarket of choice) for our big shop.  It is a bit of a come down after shopping at Waitrose and having a week of feeling posh lol but hey ho Aldi is fine.  My full weeks shop including food, cleaning stuff for us and house and three bottles of wine (no nappies or wipes as Pixie is now a dry girl) all came to the grand total of £65. 

I now have a full freezer, a full fridge, three full cupboards and an overflowing bread bin.  This should last us till next weekend with the exception of bread which i need stock up on on Monday ready for the lunch boxes as it is back to school for my girlies.

The school holidays have flown by this time we have been out most days and it has not cost the earth either, nobody has had time to get bored.

I had spending money left over so yesterday me and my girlies (J at work) walked down to Mc Donalds for our lunch as a treat, we then walked back and went to play on the park for a while.  Both Princess and Peaches saw friends from their classes at school there and Pixie enjoyed a go on the swings and the slide.  We then walked home.

We are lucky as the park is very close to where we live and when the sun is out it makes up for the fact we do not have a garden.  The best bit is that i do not have to mow it lol.  In summer we plan to have picnics in this park if we get any sunshine.

Have fun
Love Dawn x