Friday, 19 April 2013

Going to a childrens party and money saving

Hiya everyone,

Kids been invited to yet another birthday party?  I know more money you think, here's how to cut the spending and still end up with something fabulous?

My children get invited to many parties now that they are in school.  Peaches has 4 parties coming up next month and the costs can all add up. 

This is my tried and tested money saving tips;

Buying cards and presents in supermarkets and high street toy shops can be costly.  For a card £1-2 and £10 minimum for a present if I were to pay these prices all four parties would cost me £48 and that doesn't include gift wrap.

What I do is bulk buy cards at 4 for a £1 at the market in my local town (25p each) I buy presents in B and M bargains also in town, you can get something fabulous for a maximum of £5.  So all parties at these prices would cost me £21.  That's £27 saved by savvy shopping and planning ahead.  Gift wrap I buy by the roll, one colour for boys and one colour for girls these cost me £1 each and will do a few presents per roll.  Kids do not care that it doesn't cost the earth at this young age and B and M offer the quality name brand items at half the price of the supermarkets and high street toy shops.

Have fun
Dawn x