Sunday, 14 April 2013

Happy news for many reasons

Hiya everyone,

We had a letter pop through our letterbox yesturday one addressed to my youngest daughter Pixie, bringing fantastic news for us all.  The letter was to inform us that Pixie had been offered a place at the nursery school attatched to the school that her sisters attend.  The place starts in September when she will be three and she is entitled to 15 hrs for free.

Pixie is excited because she gets to go to gool as she says it with her lunch box, school bag and wear a little uniform.

Princess and Peaches are excited because they will see her around school and at play times.

Me and J are excited/relieved she got in because they will all be in the same place making logistics a little easier for us.

The free 15 hrs she will gain means we will not have to pay private nursery fees and the just short of £200 a month i pay to the nursery currently will as of July be paid off my mortgage balance instead.

It is win, win all round.  My next hurdle is to be able to get the hrs i want at the nursery, i want the two and half days so i don't have to walk six miles a day up and down hill.  First thing tomorrow morning that form will be back in school hoping to secure the place and the days i require keep your fingers crossed folks. x