Friday, 19 April 2013

Mum i want a party for my birthday!

Hello everyone,

"Mum i want a party for my birthday" the sentence that many a parent hears every year.  Parents shake at the cost, the budget can be blown on the party bags alone i know.

My lot love a party, in previous years we have had a soft play (no stress, you just turn up with your cake and your purse).  It can cost around £6.99 a head depending on venue so £6.99x15 kids=£104.85 and no washing up, just settle the bill at the end and shoehorn all the presents in the car, simples!

We have two summer birthdays so tend to have a family BBQ, we buy burgers and sausages from farmfoods, the barmcakes and rest of party table bits come from Asda as does the cake and some alcohol for the adults, with all the food costs ect it costs roughly the same as the soft play. 

Pixie is having a birthday tea with just us this year.

Costs of this;

£10.50 3 kids @soft play
£4.50   drinks for 5 people @soft play
£12.00 Mcdonalds for 5
£8.00 Mr Tumble cake

£35.00 Total

We don't have a big party every year as it would be too costly, but we still celebrate with a dinner of birthday persons choice and there is ALWAYS a cake.

How do you celebrate birthdays?

Have fun
Dawn x