Monday, 15 April 2013

Plan A and Plan B

Well hello readers,

Today i had plans, to return the all important nursery school forms then to bob to town on the bus that was plan A.  Plan A hit the wall due to an unwell Pixie.  So we had to action plan B instead, tidying up, clean through (usually a tuesday job), 3 loads of washing and dried it all on the washing line, it was mainly towels and bedding.  We are experiencing strange weather at the moment, after 4 months of snow, rain and generally yak cold weather today we had warm sushine and a gusty wind.  Pixie felt alot better after lunch so we ventured outside for a walk in the sunshine and to blow bubbles in our backyard amongst the drying washing.  We went for a walk hand in hand up and down the cobbled back entry of our houses.  The only sound that could be heard except for the gusty wind in the trees was the tinkling sound of a bamboo windchime.  I've wanted a windchime for years now, i may just need to have an invest in one or two lol.

My backyard looks very sad and neglected at the moment, in a couple of weeks when J is on leave i have plans (weather permitting) to clean it all up and plant it all up with flowers and grow some peas and carrots.  The kids love growing things especially as they get to water them each evening.  I want a cleaned up, pretty place outside where my kids can play during the summer holidays and a place we casn relax as a family and dine outside and maybe have a bbq or two.  Oh well i can dream, lets just hope this years great british weather consists of mainly sunshine.

Love Dawn x