Thursday, 4 April 2013

Shopping around for home insurance


We have been in our current home for coming up to 9 years and that means one thing, our home insurance is up for renewal.

I put all my details into a comparison site (paid to compare through quidco course) I then find a few quotes that beat my renewal rice one of them being the company the renewal price was with so i rang them up to be told "as an existing customer i must be passed to renewals instead of new policy."  I was put through and asked by the bored sounding bloke with a warm lead and potential for business in his hands "Do you wanna renew your policy or not?" Very unprofessional and at £85 dearer than the price i wanted to pay, coupled with his crap customer service, i do believe these two fingers held up on my left hand are directed at him.  SHAME ON YOU.

Oh well rant over onwards and upwards, I have now sorted out new home insurance and i did it online after all the offices had closed.  I have had more than one phone call from various home insurance sales people this week all trying their hardest to flog you something whether you want it or not in order to meet their sales quota.

I have discussed the whys and wherefores of my house this week so many times i feel as though i built the flaming myself lol.

Have fun
Love Dawn x