Friday, 19 April 2013

We'd like sunshine please

Hiya everyone,

Every morning i watch the news and weather whilst getting children fed and dressed and the weatherman said it would be a nice day.  He lied it is freezing.  I put on my lighter coat to take my kids to school and nursery (we leave early on nursery days and half an hour wait in the play ground).  The girls insisted on wearing socks instead of tights and were frozen.  Not impressed so lets chant together we want sun, we want sun, we want sun.  Ah well nevermind today's delights other than being frozen at bus stops is to tackle the big shop at Asda with J ( he is terrible for overspending)  i hope to remain within my £85 budget.  Wish me luck.

J has decided to go on a diet and shed a stone so this will make shopping extra hard for him as he is lured by the sweet nice treats he can't have and i need to put a stone on.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend and lets hope it warms up.

Take Care
 Dawn x