Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Another Waste Of Government Money

In a time when the country is in true financial difficulty we all need to tighten our belts and budget, therefore we need to cut unnecessary spending.  (This is the message we receive from government).  However I think the government could do with taking this advice themselves as today i received this:

This was delivered by the postman to everyones house in the street and probably many other streets in the borough.  The problem here being lack of research, as in this area there are no Council or Housing Association properties and therefore an expensive mailshot in many a badly targeted household will end up in the bin.  This is a huge waste of money.

Surely it would be better to use one of their many databases to target only the areas that have Council or Housing Association Tennants rather than wasting time, energy, money, resources and the poor postman's back by sending these to an area consisting of home owners.

It really is laughable!

From small frugal savings money grows, collects and then can be paid off the debt, the government need to sort their own house out before they tell everyone else how to live, you lead by example.

Dawn x