Monday, 13 May 2013

Monday Angst....The Day The Hoover Died

Good morning everyone

Today started off as a good day I woke to find the baby had spend another full night in her own bed (2nd time in nearly three years).  We all got to school on time, the bus turned up and Pixie walked.  I get home the washer is filled and put on the dry washing carried upstairs ready to be put away.

I then get out the hoover to find a loverly noise (like a mouse desperate to escape and a burning smell)  the hoover is very poorly dear readers, never fear there is light at the end of a long tunnel, I rang Dyson to find they have an anytime appointment free today (yes I thought)  I just hope it can be fixed it's part of the family.

So Monday angst here crunching carpets, a dead hoover and somebody coming round to my house to fix it when my house is a state (mainly the carpets) not impressed.  Lets just hope the week gets better.

Dawn x