Saturday, 18 May 2013

Slow Saturday

Good Morning

Today is Saturday and I am shattered after being up since 5am with Peaches (who doesn't do sleep and never has) I'm hoping for a simple slow Saturday although that isn't going to happen as I have a shoe cupboard to paint and woodwork in the porch, plus Peaches has a party to go to this afternoon so we are off to soft play whilst she is there with Pixie and Princess.  Exhausted is definatley how I feel today.

Decorating Update

I started decorating the porch back in February but then it got cold, then we had illness ect so it got put on hold, this is now the project to get finished.  However when you paint one room the others start to look shabby and I hope to give the living room and kitchen a lick of paint too and don't even get me started on the bathroom haha.  I need some energy and some more hrs in my day please.

Hope you all have a fab weekend

Love Dawn x