Friday, 24 May 2013

Spent Up A Frugal Half Term

Hiya everyone,

The kids are off on half term this week and due to having to find money for kids parties (6 invites in 6 weeks for one child), Enterprise Day at school (bring your purse) one child becoming a sworn in Brownie (Uniform £50, Handbook £4 and hankered over Brownie box £4) plus the usual subs for Brownies and Rainbows over the last month has left us with no money to go out and spend on half term, so what are we going to do?

Well we have frugal plans, We need a mammoth trying on session for all children to see what fits and what doesn't (considering putting summer clothes in wardrobes instead of winter ones lets hope the weather agrees with my choice).

My eldest daughter Princess has plans to go round to play and have lunch at her school friends house which she is VERY excited about.  Peaches needs to go and choose some new glasses due to a change in prescription so off to town we go plus probably a quick dash to the library.

The rest of the time will either be spent in the park if it's nice or finding things to do at home if it isn't.  No money will be spent this week except on the food shop, as for me I have so many things to make for my online shop which I shall be making and adding soon check out my shop here (I post world wide check out the shop for prices)

I also have the porch to paint i'm nearly finished now (thank goodness) all I need is more hours in the day really because 24 just isn't enough and I never stop.

So readers who else is on half term and what do you have planned?

Lets hope the sun shines

Love Dawn x