Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Limitations Of A Family Of 5

Hello readers,

Today I thought I would blog regarding the limitations you face as a family of 5 in a world that classes a family as consisting of 4 people only.  When you cook most sauces serve 4 (this can be gotten around by making yur own sauces which we do) however today I am facing a challenge to find over night accomodation for one night for a family of 5.  Can you get a room that sleeps 5 in the UK?  Can you hell especially not one on a budget.  This leaves me with a sticky predicament to get round.  I need a family room (that sleeps 5, as my children are not old enough to sleep in a hotel room on their own) in between Birmingham and Bristol and it isn't to cost the earth.  I'm currently scouring the internet.  Family tickets for attractions are for 4 people, same with competition wins always for 4 people.  To the people that decides that a family consists of 4 people I'd like to say, you are wrong the majority of families I know consist of 5 people and you do not cater for us therefore you are loosing custom as we shall be on plan B.

Anyway rant over lol i'm off to scour the internet for bargains.

Love Dawn x