Tuesday, 7 May 2013

well hello, staycation and family fun for free.

After a long bank holiday weekend i'm slowly getting back into the swing of normal life, the kids back in school and nursery and J is back in work, it is too quiet here and i'm missing them all.  Here are some photos we took yesturday as we went on a little staycation of our own on a beautiful bank holiday monday.

In the car already to go.

At the park, off to feed the ducks (the dcks were having none of it though so we fed the pidgeons instead.

Me and me girls.

Kids and daddy on the slide.

Checking out the flowers.

Here they are sat in front of a Police car turning on the sirens at a family fun day event we found.

We had a fab day loving the sunshine and Pixie walked everywhere not once asking to be carried, shes growing up that one.  What the hell will I do when I
don't need a pushchair for her, where will I put the bags?  Answers on a postcard please lol.