Friday, 28 June 2013

Dawn's been busy

Hiya just thought I would share some of the new items I have been making lately.

All items and many more are available at my shop check it out at

Have a fab weekend

Love Dawn x

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Sales tactic backfires

Today I take my daughter to town so she can choose some new glasses, we handed over the paperwork given to be asked "have you got the voucher?" so I said no the opticians where she had the test hadn't given us one.  We now have to go back (on the bus) to the first opticians to get the voucher before we can have the glasses made up.  Apparently some opticians keep the voucher so they think they can secure the sale from you at their store, WRONG we collected the voucher and will not be using that first opticians again. 

The final straw was when they patronised us saying "don't loose the voucher now!" what am I five? No and I'm certainly capable of looking after a piece of paper for 24 hrs.

Supermarket Opticians NIL- Me 1

Dawn x

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Paying for the motoway to be lit?

Hiya everyone,

I entered my meter readings online to find out that I still owe on my electric, I'm sure I'm paying for the motorway to be lit or something. 
I thought I would document my how to save on the electric ways:

* No tumble dryer to be used (line dry)
* No dishwasher (surely that mining advert on T.V. would put anyone off owning one anyway. Bleurgh.
* Turn off all appliances at wall when not in use
* Turn off water at night (water heater wakes us up firing up)
* We don't own Ipads, Ipods ect only 2 mobiles one charged daily and one weekly.
* Less washloads (easier as no longer have nappies to wash and potty training complete).
* I have one fridge and one freezer plugged in thats it.

I really can't see how the electric bill gets to be so high when we are not excessive in our use?  Any thoughts welcome.

Love Dawn x

Joyful tasks

Hiya everyone,

I decided to defrost my freezer yesturday, well actually I had no choice as due to the ice forming on the top layer of the freezer the door wouldn't close properly.  So off I pop to wrap up three full drawers full of food in bath sheets and set to work with umpteen bowls of boiling water and the kettle on every ten minutes when the water goes cold.  I'm happy to say I managed to get the freezer emptied, defrosted, the back and top cleaned and the floor underneath the appliance (how much crap collects there?) dried, restocked and switched on back in place in 40 minutes.  I don't think is bad at all (ah well thats it for the next 6 months when it needs doing again) I like to work fast and there is nothing more satisfying than ripping off huge chunks of ice and throwing them into the sink behind me.  Today after reacquainting myself with the contents of my freezer am having a late breakfast of croquet poatatoes and fish fingers because you have to love the 'orange food' freezer suprise sometimes and today is the day lol.  In all honesty I found it disappointing and flavourless I find my homemade cooked from scratch food to be so much tastier.

Have fun
Love Dawn x

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Hello I'm Dawn and I like to make lists

Hello everyone,

I have a little confession to make I am one of lifes list makers.  I make lists for everything my most recent ones are a list of party food and what to buy, and what time to prepare and cook everything ready for Peaches' party in 2 weeks time and another list containing everything my children need for school ready for next term (uniforms, shoes, ect).  I do lists of what is in my cupboards, fridge and freezer every week and then I do a food shop list.

I find in my busy life that lists keep me organised and on target.  I have a diary for appointments for anything and in this diary goes anything I think I will forget to do e.g. post letter, pay bills. 

Lists = Organisation

If I am organised I am happy.  By being organised and writing lists I am able to spread the costs of things (like School uniforms, Christmas) and budget wisely (not buying something you already have in the cupboard).

I'm the person who lays out clothes and packs bags the night before and loads the puschair so we are ready to leave the house on time.

So come admit it, who is organised?  Who else lives on lists?

Love Dawn x

Sunday, Sunday and an unattractive shade of green

Well hello,

I think I can finally say I feel better after a week of feeling like death, really nasty little bug it was.

The kids stopped up last night to watch 'the voice' (it's a singing competition on tv) so you would think they would have a nice lie in to compensate, forget that at 5am Peaches ran into my room and announced the tooth fairy had been, she insisted on flicking on the big light so I could get a proper view of the coin that was left in place of her tooth.  This delight was followed by Pixie running into Peaches' room to see if the tooth fairy was still there (she wanted to see her).

By 6am we were all downstairs having breakfast and J is off to work.  How else to spend Sunday but simply?  A rest and relax before having a week trying to catch up on what should have been done last week.  So out comes a dvd;
The kids and I love Wallace and Gromit.

I also whilst watching the above dvd continued to create a large crochet bed cover, it's work in progress but I have recently been gifted 2 large bags of wool so having fun lol.

We are having an easy day today lunch will be a vegetarian grill up and were having a Roast Turkey dinner for tea with gravy.

Before we know where we are it will be bath time and bedtime.

Hope you all have a nice Sunday
Love Dawn x

Friday, 21 June 2013

Crawls Out From Under The Duvet

Hiya everyone,

I'm back and powered by Paracetamol, I apologise in advance if you have to duck the sneezes lol, I really do in most circumstances love a good sneeze I mean who doesn't?  However I do wish my body would realise that I just do not have the time to be ill EVER.

This week has really been a mixed bag for me we've had highs and lows so here we go:

I am what is know as a Comper that means I like to enter competitions (for those not in the know) this week I have had 2 wins which I was really pleased with as I haven't won anything in absolute ages, I won some shampoo samples for blonde hair and 2 toddler cups from Cow and Gate (Pixie loves them).  My children also like to enter competitions too mainly drawing ones but in all honesty anything child related will do, Princess seems to be the luckiest so far.  We only tend to get the little wins rather than the luxury holidays (I don't enter these as a holiday for 4 people is NO good to us we are a family of 5) nor have we ever won cash prizes, TV's ect by hey ever the optimist there is always time.  As a frugaller we only ever enter the free competitions I'm not that easily suckered in to parting with my cash and you have to be aware of scams.

I've also had one of my books I ordered delivered yay.

The down side of the week has me been feeling poorly and so has Pixie who has had me on bowl holding duty as well (I get the best jobs me).

I'm hoping for a good weekend hope you have one too.

Love Dawn x

Thursday, 20 June 2013


Hiya everyone

 Just a brief note to say there is NO blog today as I am down with some bug a lovely person has kindly shared with me.  Hope to blog shortly but for now I'm back off to die quietly on the sofa.

Dawn x

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A Normal Day Planned and Books


Today the kids are in School and Nursery so for me I have a normal day planned, nothing new is expected today and on those type of days I sometimes get a little life suprise.  I just hope that it will be a nice suprise if anything abnormal happens.  To add from my spending and saving blog the other day I must say I am waiting for 4 books I ordered from (quidco pay cashback to me for my purchases) the other day.  I love books, if you are bored, lonely or feeling down you can loose yourself in a good book and forget about your life for a while.  I'm currently re reading Peter Kay's autobiography and still find myself laughing out loud whilst reading it, to the point the kids think i've gone mad as I appear to be laughing at nothing.

Frugal Bookness

I don't tend to buy things for me very often but when I do it is often books that I buy. 

Here are my frugal bookness tips:

*I only buy books if I cannot get them at my local library (I check the online catalogue first).

* I use cashback shopping site such as quidco the money I save up from my splurges can pay for my next shopping spree so it all ends up being cash neutral in the end.

* I buy my books secondhand ( I figure I was going to read it probably for at least the 100th time from the library so do not need a brand new copy when a 2nd hand copy in decent condition will do).

*The majority of the books I buy after I have read them are either ones I will re read again and again, I also pass them on to my Mum and Sister so they can enjoy them too.

*Finally when I've had enough of it and I'm sick of dusting the book I put it in the charity bag pile, so somebody else can enjoy reading it.

So my lovely readers Do nice suprises happen to you when you are only expecting to experience a 'normal day'?

Ah well best crack on with some work.

Have a fun day
Love Dawn x

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Spending and Saving


Today has been a spending and saving day all in one, how on earth do I manage it?  We needed to buy a new booster seat for the car (a requirement in UK all children under 12 need a special seat in cars) so I trawled the internet looking for a bargain (like I do) I used a cashback site and clicked through to receive cashback on my purchase.

This one:

Quidco pay out really well and I've used them for years without any problems, I totally recommend them to you.  Click on the link above and sign up today.

I then found out that Tesco was the best price as I can collect in store rather than having to pay for postage and there is a chance of having to que up for an ice age in the sorting office when they have called to deliver and I'm NOT in.

I then remember that I have those Tesco vouchers in an envelope that will come in handy one day, lo and behold the day has come and I am now the owner (well I will be on Tuesday) of a brand new car seat that has cost me the grand total of NOTHING to buy, PLUS I will be paid cashback for buying my FREE car seat.

Use the link and join Quidco today, It's a nice little suprise when you get an unexpected payment in your bank account.

I LOVE being paid to shop.

Dawn x

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Back to Winter

Hiya Everyone,

The unpredictable weather has once again proved itself, we have gone from glorious sunshine to rain, rain, rain.  Whilst we were enjoying the sunshine at least having rain means we no longer have to water the plants each evening lol, every cloud and all that.

Well the kids are not pleased with this weather as they can't play on their bikes and Pixie has got a taster of being able to play outside and is now asking daily to go out which isn't much fun when it's like this.

We seem to have alot on in the next few weeks, a Wedding, a Christening, a trip to see my friend in Liverpool. Pixie will be leaving Nursery (I will be richer then I hope as no Nursery fees to pay any longer) the kids will be breaking up for summer holidays from School I think it is about six or seven weeks off all in all, we are off on a family holiday for a week to Dorset in summer but other than that we haven't made any other plans just yet, again whatever we do it will cost very little as we do not have much disposable income but we will have fun together regardless.  With the money I save from Nursery fee's I hope to whack of my mortgage.

In the meantime Peaches has yet another party tomorrow, plus been invited to another two (I think that's about 10 parties in the last 10 weeks now)  She's very popular it seems and tomorrow is Fathers day so it's card and pressies for Daddy and Grandads.

Hope your all having a fun weekend

Love Dawn x

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Time For A Change


Today has involved a trip to the hairdressers for me for the first time in ages (well I've got to get ready for my holidays haven't I) so here's the before pictures:

And After:

My head feels so much lighter my hair cut.  I've never had my hair cut with a razor before it was fantastic.

Love Dawn x

Birthday Celebrations

Hiya Everyone

Well this week we have been busy, Pixie has celebrated her 3rd birthday, she thoroughly enjoyed her day at nursery celebrating with her friends and a much wanted Mr Tumble cake.  We all went to the local soft play after school which was quiet so the kids enjoyed a run around without any altrications from other children and then home via McDonalds drive thru and finished off with a homemade cake (no pictures I'm afraid as the kids wouldn't wait lol).

I do have some Pictures to share with you though of the birthday girl.

From this little baby here with her sisters.
To this little three year old

Happy birthday little Pixie love from Mummy, Daddy, Princess and Peaches. xxxx

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Sunny Pictures and A Winner

Hiya everyone

Today I thought I would share with you some photos of yesturday's fun in the sun.  Complete with sun hats and lashings of suncream as standard.

Happy playing outside in the sunshine, I really hope this lovely weather continues for all of summer, especially when we go away nothing worse than camping in the rain (albeit in a very nice static caravan)
Today we have another sunny day and I plan to tackle the bedding and get the lot washed and dried whilst it is nice plus the kids can duck under the sheets for shade when it gets too hot later on.  It is times like this you wonder why people go to Spain for their holidays as on a beautiful summers day in England it is merely a waste of money to go abroad, however in England the weather is something we CANNOT guarantee.  I'm glad to see the kids summer dresses I got out washed and ironed have been able to be worn as at one point we wondered if we were just going to have a full year of Winter.

Well we have a WINNER of the bracelet giveaway,

drum roll please.....

The winner is Michelle.
Congratulations if you could send me a comment (which I will not publish with your address details I shall get it posted off to you.

For anybody who loved the bracelet but did not win these bracelets are available for purchase in my shop.

more to life than money: A Giveaway

more to life than money: A Giveaway: Hiya As promised I have a little giveaway for you.  This is one item from a new collection I am currently working on, so not only are you ...

Sunny Saturdays


Well today It is a beautiful sunny day and me and the kids are off to visit my mum and have some fun in the garden in the sunshine.

 Tomorrow I shall be drawing and announcing the winner of the giveaway so today is the last chance to enter the giveaway competition.

Do you have sunshine where you are?

Have fun
Love Dawn. x

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Shopping For Summer Clothes


The summer has finally arrived so I haven't had much time to blog this week I have been making the most of the weather by doing some spring cleaning, dragging out furniture, clearing wardrobes, filling charity bags and washing curtains plus the usual housework and me and Pixie have been playing outside in the yard having a nice relax in the sun.  I have been through my summer clothes and decided I could do with a few things so off I went to town with Pixie in tow today.  Pixie likes to walk most of the time which is slow so any trip takes twice as long she has also wanted everything and anything none of which mummy has bought.  I had a mooch around for some summer clothes trying to find anything tht fits your body shape and looks nice is a must preferably in colours that are flattering (I look hiddeous in orange) however that seems to be all there is the twee fashion does nothing for me at all either.  I also need to find something to wear for a Christening and a Wedding, I'm going to have to have a rummage in the wardrobe and hope I find something I can jazz up a bit.

So readers do you love clothes shopping? Do you find it easy to clothes shop and come away with something that looks great?  Or do you see shopping trips as a necessary evil?

Love Dawn x

Saturday, 1 June 2013

A Giveaway


As promised I have a little giveaway for you.  This is one item from a new collection I am currently working on, so not only are you the first to get a sneak peak at my new collection, one of you will win this beautiful bracelet from it.

Crackle glass beads and antiqued silver 'made with love charm'

Shown by my little helper Peaches.

To be in with a chance of winning this bracelet all you need to do is be a public follower of my blog (right hand side task bar shows all followers) and leave me a comment below.

All names will be put in a tin and one drawn out at random by Princess on the 9th June.

Love Dawn x

Make Hay Whilst The Sun Shines

Today has been a beautiful day the sun has been high in the sky throughout, so off we went this morning a did a big shop in Asda.  It was a big stock up and cost more than normal but nevermind.  We then came home had lunch and I have cleaned this house from top to bottom so we now twinkle with cleanliness.  I have gone through all three kids wardrobes and switched for summer dresses (that I ironed first along with school uniforms ready for Monday) and weeded out anything outgrown, wrecked ect and decided it is time to de- baby the house and got rid off all the baby cot, moses basket bedding (another shelf free in the wardrobe).  I changed and washed covers off two beds, dried them on the line and filled two charity bags full of stuff to pass on.  Tea was a takeaway, followed by bathing three lil kids who have been playing out in the sun.  I'm sure it's time for a glass of wine now?

To celebrate the fact I have reached my tenth follower on my blog I shall be hosting a giveaway either tomorrow or Monday (camera pending) of a beautiful handmade bracelet in this years must have colour, it is bang on trend.

Till tomorrow
Have a fab Saturday
Love Dawn x

A big Hello toooooo.

Chars and Michelle my two new followers,Welcome to my blog, I hope you have fun reading.

Love Dawn x

A Childhood Flashback


After a conversation with an old childhood friend we were discussing the games we played ect and the childhood obsession of the time collecting.  She asked me did I still have my collection of rubbers (Erasers) and when I said yes (Hoarder From Hell lol) she said to send her a picture.

Here is my eraser collection.

Mostly collected from my travels around the country on holidays, trips and visits.

So, over to you what did you collect as a child? and have you still got your collection?

Love Dawn x