Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A Normal Day Planned and Books


Today the kids are in School and Nursery so for me I have a normal day planned, nothing new is expected today and on those type of days I sometimes get a little life suprise.  I just hope that it will be a nice suprise if anything abnormal happens.  To add from my spending and saving blog the other day I must say I am waiting for 4 books I ordered from play.com (quidco pay cashback to me for my purchases) the other day.  I love books, if you are bored, lonely or feeling down you can loose yourself in a good book and forget about your life for a while.  I'm currently re reading Peter Kay's autobiography and still find myself laughing out loud whilst reading it, to the point the kids think i've gone mad as I appear to be laughing at nothing.

Frugal Bookness

I don't tend to buy things for me very often but when I do it is often books that I buy. 

Here are my frugal bookness tips:

*I only buy books if I cannot get them at my local library (I check the online catalogue first).

* I use cashback shopping site such as quidco
http://www.quidco.com/user/2593770/ the money I save up from my splurges can pay for my next shopping spree so it all ends up being cash neutral in the end.

* I buy my books secondhand ( I figure I was going to read it probably for at least the 100th time from the library so do not need a brand new copy when a 2nd hand copy in decent condition will do).

*The majority of the books I buy after I have read them are either ones I will re read again and again, I also pass them on to my Mum and Sister so they can enjoy them too.

*Finally when I've had enough of it and I'm sick of dusting the book I put it in the charity bag pile, so somebody else can enjoy reading it.

So my lovely readers Do nice suprises happen to you when you are only expecting to experience a 'normal day'?

Ah well best crack on with some work.

Have a fun day
Love Dawn x