Saturday, 15 June 2013

Back to Winter

Hiya Everyone,

The unpredictable weather has once again proved itself, we have gone from glorious sunshine to rain, rain, rain.  Whilst we were enjoying the sunshine at least having rain means we no longer have to water the plants each evening lol, every cloud and all that.

Well the kids are not pleased with this weather as they can't play on their bikes and Pixie has got a taster of being able to play outside and is now asking daily to go out which isn't much fun when it's like this.

We seem to have alot on in the next few weeks, a Wedding, a Christening, a trip to see my friend in Liverpool. Pixie will be leaving Nursery (I will be richer then I hope as no Nursery fees to pay any longer) the kids will be breaking up for summer holidays from School I think it is about six or seven weeks off all in all, we are off on a family holiday for a week to Dorset in summer but other than that we haven't made any other plans just yet, again whatever we do it will cost very little as we do not have much disposable income but we will have fun together regardless.  With the money I save from Nursery fee's I hope to whack of my mortgage.

In the meantime Peaches has yet another party tomorrow, plus been invited to another two (I think that's about 10 parties in the last 10 weeks now)  She's very popular it seems and tomorrow is Fathers day so it's card and pressies for Daddy and Grandads.

Hope your all having a fun weekend

Love Dawn x