Friday, 21 June 2013

Crawls Out From Under The Duvet

Hiya everyone,

I'm back and powered by Paracetamol, I apologise in advance if you have to duck the sneezes lol, I really do in most circumstances love a good sneeze I mean who doesn't?  However I do wish my body would realise that I just do not have the time to be ill EVER.

This week has really been a mixed bag for me we've had highs and lows so here we go:

I am what is know as a Comper that means I like to enter competitions (for those not in the know) this week I have had 2 wins which I was really pleased with as I haven't won anything in absolute ages, I won some shampoo samples for blonde hair and 2 toddler cups from Cow and Gate (Pixie loves them).  My children also like to enter competitions too mainly drawing ones but in all honesty anything child related will do, Princess seems to be the luckiest so far.  We only tend to get the little wins rather than the luxury holidays (I don't enter these as a holiday for 4 people is NO good to us we are a family of 5) nor have we ever won cash prizes, TV's ect by hey ever the optimist there is always time.  As a frugaller we only ever enter the free competitions I'm not that easily suckered in to parting with my cash and you have to be aware of scams.

I've also had one of my books I ordered delivered yay.

The down side of the week has me been feeling poorly and so has Pixie who has had me on bowl holding duty as well (I get the best jobs me).

I'm hoping for a good weekend hope you have one too.

Love Dawn x