Sunday, 23 June 2013

Hello I'm Dawn and I like to make lists

Hello everyone,

I have a little confession to make I am one of lifes list makers.  I make lists for everything my most recent ones are a list of party food and what to buy, and what time to prepare and cook everything ready for Peaches' party in 2 weeks time and another list containing everything my children need for school ready for next term (uniforms, shoes, ect).  I do lists of what is in my cupboards, fridge and freezer every week and then I do a food shop list.

I find in my busy life that lists keep me organised and on target.  I have a diary for appointments for anything and in this diary goes anything I think I will forget to do e.g. post letter, pay bills. 

Lists = Organisation

If I am organised I am happy.  By being organised and writing lists I am able to spread the costs of things (like School uniforms, Christmas) and budget wisely (not buying something you already have in the cupboard).

I'm the person who lays out clothes and packs bags the night before and loads the puschair so we are ready to leave the house on time.

So come admit it, who is organised?  Who else lives on lists?

Love Dawn x