Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Joyful tasks

Hiya everyone,

I decided to defrost my freezer yesturday, well actually I had no choice as due to the ice forming on the top layer of the freezer the door wouldn't close properly.  So off I pop to wrap up three full drawers full of food in bath sheets and set to work with umpteen bowls of boiling water and the kettle on every ten minutes when the water goes cold.  I'm happy to say I managed to get the freezer emptied, defrosted, the back and top cleaned and the floor underneath the appliance (how much crap collects there?) dried, restocked and switched on back in place in 40 minutes.  I don't think is bad at all (ah well thats it for the next 6 months when it needs doing again) I like to work fast and there is nothing more satisfying than ripping off huge chunks of ice and throwing them into the sink behind me.  Today after reacquainting myself with the contents of my freezer am having a late breakfast of croquet poatatoes and fish fingers because you have to love the 'orange food' freezer suprise sometimes and today is the day lol.  In all honesty I found it disappointing and flavourless I find my homemade cooked from scratch food to be so much tastier.

Have fun
Love Dawn x