Saturday, 1 June 2013

Make Hay Whilst The Sun Shines

Today has been a beautiful day the sun has been high in the sky throughout, so off we went this morning a did a big shop in Asda.  It was a big stock up and cost more than normal but nevermind.  We then came home had lunch and I have cleaned this house from top to bottom so we now twinkle with cleanliness.  I have gone through all three kids wardrobes and switched for summer dresses (that I ironed first along with school uniforms ready for Monday) and weeded out anything outgrown, wrecked ect and decided it is time to de- baby the house and got rid off all the baby cot, moses basket bedding (another shelf free in the wardrobe).  I changed and washed covers off two beds, dried them on the line and filled two charity bags full of stuff to pass on.  Tea was a takeaway, followed by bathing three lil kids who have been playing out in the sun.  I'm sure it's time for a glass of wine now?

To celebrate the fact I have reached my tenth follower on my blog I shall be hosting a giveaway either tomorrow or Monday (camera pending) of a beautiful handmade bracelet in this years must have colour, it is bang on trend.

Till tomorrow
Have a fab Saturday
Love Dawn x