Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Paying for the motoway to be lit?

Hiya everyone,

I entered my meter readings online to find out that I still owe on my electric, I'm sure I'm paying for the motorway to be lit or something. 
I thought I would document my how to save on the electric ways:

* No tumble dryer to be used (line dry)
* No dishwasher (surely that mining advert on T.V. would put anyone off owning one anyway. Bleurgh.
* Turn off all appliances at wall when not in use
* Turn off water at night (water heater wakes us up firing up)
* We don't own Ipads, Ipods ect only 2 mobiles one charged daily and one weekly.
* Less washloads (easier as no longer have nappies to wash and potty training complete).
* I have one fridge and one freezer plugged in thats it.

I really can't see how the electric bill gets to be so high when we are not excessive in our use?  Any thoughts welcome.

Love Dawn x