Thursday, 27 June 2013

Sales tactic backfires

Today I take my daughter to town so she can choose some new glasses, we handed over the paperwork given to be asked "have you got the voucher?" so I said no the opticians where she had the test hadn't given us one.  We now have to go back (on the bus) to the first opticians to get the voucher before we can have the glasses made up.  Apparently some opticians keep the voucher so they think they can secure the sale from you at their store, WRONG we collected the voucher and will not be using that first opticians again. 

The final straw was when they patronised us saying "don't loose the voucher now!" what am I five? No and I'm certainly capable of looking after a piece of paper for 24 hrs.

Supermarket Opticians NIL- Me 1

Dawn x